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Romantic  Croatia – Top 8 ideas for perfect Valentine's Day in Croatia

Valentine's Day is about to arrive. You may be thinking about spending Valentine's Day with your loved one, but you both know that holidays are not even close yet. Valentine's Day falls on a tricky date – right in the middle of February – so the weather can be very tricky. Spring may arrive early, but winter may return, so we don't know what to expect. February ought to be unpredictable. Christmas and New Year's holidays have recently passed but Easter is not even close yet so I can assume that you spent your free days and some extra budget during the past holiday's so it can turn up to be a problem if you want to have some extra vacation for Valentine's Day. In this post, I will suggest you some interesting destinations in Croatia where you can spend your Valentine's Day cheap and for which you will not need more than a day – so one weekend will be enough. These vacation ideas that I will propose are perfect for short trips, walking tours, sightseeing or hiking. Choose your best option for short Valentine's getaway. These are top 8 ideas for perfect Valentine's Day in Croatia.

Main photo by Goran Antić: Lajmir lake

1.Trakošćan Castle

Can you think of a more romantic way to spend Valentine's Day than visiting one of the most beautiful Croatian castles? Imagine that idyll - a large lake surrounded by greenery, beautiful park (a romantic park that was renovated and edited by Marshal Juraj V. Drašković in the 19th century) and a preserved castle that tells us a story about past (more romantic) times, sightseeing of the historical museum ... What do you think?

Trkulja TrakoþåanPhoto by Irena Trkulja

Trakošćan castle is a cultural and historical monument, built in the 13th century on the site where an ancient fort might have existed (the fortifications were usually built on top of a hill for providing best visibility due to the constant danger of an enemy invasion). The purpose of the Trakošćan castle was to control the road from Ptuj to Bednjan valley (today the castle has no longer a defensive purpose, but you can be sure that you will get a fantastic view from the top of the tower).

Trakoþåan Momo DvorniåPhoto by: Momo Dvornić

For most of its existence, the castle was owned by the Drašković family (for about 400 years without interruption) but before that (until the end of the 14th century) it belonged to the Celjski family (who had owned almost all of Zagorje County until their extinction). The castle is attractive from the inside as well as from the outside because it has been turned into a museum with a permanent exhibition (back in 1954). Here you can experience the history of Trakošćan and  Drašković family. The objects, works of art, paintings and weapons are arranged within the original spatial units according to the period from the Renaissance to historicism, so you will surely be overwhelmed by a romantic mood.

Trkulja Trakoþåan detail

Photo by Irena Trkulja: Trakošćan

Here is one more trick you can use for better involvement into the  Renaissance period - disguise yourself as a representative of past times for a complete experience of the court life.  No one will look at you strangely for this as Valentine's Day falls near the carnival season.

2. Mountaineering in Croatia

You might want to enjoy physical activities outdoors this Valentine's Day rather than hedonistic pleasures such as lounging in fragrant baths, eating, drinking and entertaining?

Marina Merina ¼avlin Velebit

Photo by Marina Merina Čavlin: Velebit

If you are both adventurous spirits you might choose hiking. It doesn't matter if you have experience in hiking or not, Croatia offers many opportunities for mild and steep climbs. Just for your information - Croatia has more than 400 different hiking trails, 6000 kilometres of hiking trails are marked, and no Croatian mountain exceeds 2000 meters in height. 

Zana Hrkaå BIkovo

Photo by Zana Hrkać: Biokovo

These facts may not make Croatia one of the most popular European or World mountaineering destinations, but because of this diversity of landscapes and magnificent views lures hikers from all parts of Croatia and the World. 

Tulove Grede Velebit Marina MErina ¼avlin

Photo by Marina Merina Čavlin: Tulove Grede, Velebit

Have you thought about conquering some challenging mountain top, experiencing the beauty and richness of Croatian flora and fauna during the climb, and watching the beautiful panoramas that stretch from the heights in the end? You can choose some of our hills, but also the seaside hiking trails, what do you think about that? In addition to physical exertion, hiking also involves active socializing, emptying your head from everyday noise and stress, enjoying the beauty and quiet of untouched nature, so you and your partner will spend quality time without the benefits of modern civilization.

 Uƒka Trkulja Irena

Photo by Irena Trkulja: Učka

You may want to raise the tent somewhere in the wilderness if you already have experience with hiking or camping? 

Keep in mind that you need to get well organized, prepare and just get going! Choose the level of climb effort according to your own affinities and abilities. You may want to raise the tent somewhere in the wilderness if you already have experience with hiking or camping? The choice is yours, and I will suggest some of the most famous hiking trails.

Mila Macuka µtinjan

Photo by Mila Macuka: Štinjan

If you are planning to spend a Valentine's Day in Istria - I suggest a short hiking trail (very gentle) Pula - Štinjan, which is only 10 kilometres long. 

If you are not such an experienced mountaineer there are lots of gentle climbs all over Croatia, and the first trail that comes to my mind is Papuk - Nature Park in Slavonia. The hiking trails of Papuk breaks the myth that all of Slavonia is flat. Not only that you can go hiking there, but you can also go for a walk, cycling or enjoy the waterfalls and lakes (in which you can swim during summertime). 

Sandra Pediþiå

Photo by: Sandra Pedišić

Istria has many interesting hiking trails, and I would also like to highlight the Buzet - Kotli - Hum trail. 

If you are planning to visit Slavonia for Valentine's Day Papuk is definitely a great choice for adventurers. If you are planning to spend a Valentine's Day in Istria - I suggest you a short hiking trail (very gentle) Pula - Štinjan, which is only 10 kilometres long, It extends from Vala Lunga and goes all the way to Štinjan - the ascent is gentle, and in the middle of the trail, there is a magnificent view on the sea. Istria has many interesting hiking trails, and I would also like to highlight the Buzet - Kotli - Hum trail. Here you can experience the authentic Istria, the remains of its medieval culture and history, as well as the natural beauties hidden in the heart of Istria.

Zoran Burazeroviå Kotli

Photo by Zoran Burazerović: Kotli

Kotli is a protected rural area with water mills, and they look fantastic! Here you can enjoy a few waterfalls and natural pools under the old mill. 

What will you experience on the way from Buzet to Hum via Kotli? Buzet is a medieval Istrian town with magnificent views on Istria’s hillside. Part of the trail is passing near Mirna River and Blizanci Canyon. 

Morena Bravar Kotli

Photo by Morena Bravar: Kotli from the above

Knapiå Hum detail

Photo by Patrick Knapić: Hum

Hum is located at the end of the trail and the whole town looks like a small historical museum – Hum is the smallest town in the World so you can imagine how romantic that can be...

Ksenija Cerin Medvednica Zagreb

Photo by Ksenija Cerjan: Medvednica

Zagreb has interesting trails nearby as well Medvednica is one of the more famous hiking trails near Zagreb (Sljeme). 

Zagreb has interesting trails nearby as well - we've all heard about Sljeme, but have you walked through all that trails Sljeme provides? Medvednica is one of the most famous hiking trails there and you can see the Black Queen's castle nearby. Samobor is also near  Zagreb - this baroque town already provides a romantic experience by itself, and just above Samobor there is a short hiking trail leading to the old fortress, and you can drink fresh spring water on the way.

Jasna Mi Vraºji prolaz zeleni vir

Photo by Jasna Mi: Vražji prolaz 

This is The Devil's passage if you translate it literally from the Croatian language. It is damn steep... 

You can spend the whole weekend on more challenging and steeper accents trails and hiking destinations such as Velebit, Dinara, Mosor, Biokovo or Paklenica.  North Croatia has Žumberak Highlands, which is also a popular destination with moderately steep climbs. Istria has Učka and Ćićarija mountains for hiking fans.

Jasna Mi Vrh Vojak

Photo by Jasna Mi: Vrh Vojak in Učka

The unity of sea and mountains provides Zavižan mountain near Rijeka, but also our famous islands such as Vis, Brač, Cres or Kornati and its hilltops.

Zaviºan Dalibor Prodo Prodaniå

Photo by Dalibor Prodo Prodanić: Zavižan 

3.The city of Ozalj

Lidija Gatolin Kovaƒiå Ozalj

Photo by Lidija Gatolin Kovačić:Ozalj 

Have you considered spending Valentine's Day in one small, romantic Croatian town that is rich in heritage and you can easily visit it in one afternoon? 

Are you longing for romantic walks around city parks, or staying near the sea, lake or river maybe? Valentine's Day is an ideal opportunity to experience some of our cities that have a special, romantic spirit -  historical visual identity, beautiful nature and background love story. So this time I chose Ozalj. Why Ozalj? There are more popular destinations in Croatia that are just as enticing and romantic as Ozalj, but right because of one true, romantic story that marked Ozalj  I chose that city. Ozalj is well known for one love letter that testifies to an important historical event, but also to a great love. On the night before his execution (April 29, 1671), Peter Zrinski (Croatian nobleman) wrote a tragic but romantic love letter to his beloved wife, Katarina, and these were his last words he sent to her.  The letter starts with the sentence "My dear sweetheart". 

Mili Kafin Munjara Ozalj

Photo by Mili Kafin: Stara Munjara

Besides, Ozalj is a beautiful town in the County of Karlovac - here you can enjoy walking along the Kupa River, city parks, but you can also visit old Munjara which used to produce electricity and today is an architectural monument. You can also visit the City Museum and enjoy a walk and/or gastronomic offer of the City after it. 

4. Spend Valentine's Day on the lakeshore

Perhaps you would like to spend your Valentine's Day on the lakeshores in Croatia which are also intended as entertainment and recreation centres?

Zoran Konestabo Fuºine Photo by Zoran Konestabo: Fužine

What can you do near the lake? The first thing that comes to my mind is walking, picnicking or biking, but maybe you can try fishing or canoeing?

Fuºine jezero Bajer

Photo by Irena Trkulja: Jezero Bajer

Croatia is rich in lakes, and I will point out those I find ideal for spending the day on its shores for Valentine's Day.

Goran Antiå Lajmir

Photo by Goran Antić: Lajmir lake.

Beli Manastir recently got a real recreational - excursion oasis along  Lajmir lake (Sugar Lake), which Belje Sugar Factory once had been using for its needs. If you happen to be in Zagreb, then you have probably heard about famous recreational - excursion oases such as Jarun, Bundek and Maksimir. 

Svitanje JArun Kafin Mili

Photo by Mili Kafin: Jarun

The immediate vicinity of Zagreb offers resort Aquacity (Varaždin), lake Rakiti (Zagreb camp – Sveta Nedjelja ), and there is also Rugvička jezera near Dugo Selo.

Mladen µimuniå Varaºdinsko jezero Photo by Mladen Šimunić: Aquacity in Varaždin

5. Istria getaway!

For those who want an authentic Istrian experience, I would warmly recommend visiting one of the locations that are located in its heart.

Davorka FLego Motovun

Photo by Davorka Flego: Motovun

Hills, vineyards, waterfalls and rivers, medieval towns on the tops of hills ... (landscapes resemble like south Italy).  You can experience all that quickly and easily in Istria - just one day is enough for your perfect Valentine's getaway! Aleja Glagoljaša is one interesting blend of culture, recreation, and beautiful landscapes – it spreads on the road from Hum to Roč. Aleja Glagoljaša (Glagolitic Alley) is the most important monument dedicated to ancient Croatian letter glagoljica (Glagolitic).  The walk is long but not steep, and it is an ideal opportunity to enjoy nature and cultural heritage of Istria on Valentine's Day.

Knapiå sedam slapova 2

Photo by Patrick Knapić: Sedam slapova

The murmur of water, unspoiled nature and a gentle hiking trail are provided by the Seven Waterfalls nature resort near Buzet. These are the waterfalls of Mirna River that will enchant you with its beauty - the trail is circular with start and end in Buzet ( it leads from Selce to Glistoni via Kuhari and Kotli  - 13.5 km in total).

Knapiå sedam slapova

Photo by Patrick Knapić: Sedam slapova. 

If you want to spend your Valentine's day cycling, then the Istrian Parenzana (the queen of our cyclo tourism) would be a good choice. Parenzana was once an old railway connecting Croatia, Italy and Slovenia, and today it has been rebuilt and transformed into a pedestrian - cycle path where you can experience scenes of exceptional beauty.

Massimo Puliå Zavrþje

Photo by Massimo Pulić: Završje

Parenzzana will leave you breathless – the remains of the ancient railway line - such as viaducts and tunnels, but also the stunning view along the way. You can see small medieval towns nearby  - such as Završje, Oprtalj, Grožnjan and Motovun. You can end your Parenzana cycling in one of the Istrian taverns nearby.

6. Valentine's Day goes well with the sea gurgle

How about spending Valentine's Day on one of Croatian most beautiful islands? Croatia, as you already know, has more than 1000 islands, but each of them is beautiful and romantic in its own way.

Ivana Fikuþ Joviå

Photo by Ivana Fikuš Jović: Mljet

I've been wondering about the island  I would like to recommend as an ideal destination for the upcoming Valentine's Day, so I choose island Mljet. Mljet is located near Dubrovnik and it is one of the most beautiful and most forested Croatian islands - part of it is designated as a national park. I chose Mljet because of its background love legend. There is a cave in Mljet - Odyssey's Cave, and it was named because of its background love legend. There is also plenty of nature in Croatia so National Parks are always a great choice wherever you are.

Gordana Novaƒki Mljet

Photo by Gordana Novački: Mljet

Legend says that Odysseus ran against the Mljet coast after the boat accident. Nymph Calypso lived in the famous Mljet's cave, she saved Odysseus and fell in love with him. The nymph detained Odysseus and kept him there for seven years, but Zeus ordered her to release him because Odyssey's homesickness for Ithaca was too strong. You can cycle on Mljet, hike or take a boat ride to the romantic cave, there are many possibilities, and now, while there is no crowd, you can enjoy the idyll of the lonely island.

7. Use cold weather to warm up your hearts

If you decide to spend Valentine's Day in winter's idyll then you can choose locations in Croatia that are a bit colder than other parts – such as Gorski Kotar or Sljeme. Croatia can offer you a few locations for skiing or sledding. I would recommend Platak mountain near Rijeka, Gorski kotar (Fužine) or  Sljeme near Zagreb - at the very top of those hills there might be still some snow remains in February.

 Mirjana Ðurin Sljeme

Photo by Mirjana Đurin: Sljeme

There is something romantic about the wintertime -  enjoying the white landscapes, snowflakes, sledding or skiing together...  But also relaxing near the fireplace with hot chocolate or boiled wine... Cold weather can definitely make you warm your hearts even more! What do you think?

8. February is famous for carnival celebrations – visit most popular carnival festivals in Croatia

February ought to be a very exciting month in most of the Croatian cities! If you are both partiers as a couple and you like to have fun outdoors surrounded by a cheerful crowd than you will like carnival fest for Valentine's Day.

Karneval Ðorðe Dokmanoviå

 Photo by Đorđe Dokmanović: Rijeka

Celebrate Valentine's Day in a cheerful carnival spirit,  chase away the evil demons together and invoke springtime with The Bellringers of Croatia. The most famous carnival parades are organized by the City of Samobor, Rijeka, as well as other cities (especially coastal cities) such as Pula, Split, Zadar...

Rijeka karneval Ðorðe Dokmanoviå

Photo by Đorđe Dokmanović

Choose the city that is closest to you, disguise yourselves together and enjoy the greasy and delicious food, because after Carnival follows Lent period ... So whatever you decide to give up for Lent, now you have the opportunity to take advantage of carnival time for indulging in pleasures with no guilt feeling. 

Well, that would be all from me folks, but you will organise your Valentine's day according to your preferences. Actually, when I think a little bit better – the most useful advice I can give you is to follow your heart and spend your Valentine's day on the way you like the most, but I hope that my ideas helped you to make the final decision.


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