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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

If you want to stay connected to nature and not to Wi-fi or mobile networks, we would advise you to spend a day in this special geomorphological reserve. At this location, you can find lush forest vegetation, waterfall, and a canyon through which water has made its path.

How to reach it?

You can reach Skrad (located close to the reserve) by leaving the motorway A6 in both directions for Delnice (there is about 17 min driving distance from Delnice to Skrad). The most important part is preparation and reading instructions on the Internet - tourism office was closed when we arrived. And it that was Friday 3 p.m. in the middle of August.

Potok Curak  Zeleni Vir

Photo by: Essence of Croatia
After reaching Skrad you will have one turn on the left (there is a sign on the road), after following this road you will cross the railway. Keep on the main road. When you enter in a forest you will have a turn on the left but the road is not in best conditions. It has no protection and on your right side is a huge chasm. We don’t know what happens when two cars from different directions meet (locals are used to this road and they don’t show any signs of panic as we do). A better option is to continue driving straight and keep the main road. After about 10 min driving you will arrive in the valley, before the quarry turn left (about 270°) on a macadam road and drive for 3 min until the end of the road. You park your car in front of a stream Curak. Here starts the disconnection from virtual world and connection with nature.

Green Forest and Spring Curak

In order to reach Green Spring and Devil’s Passage, you will have to go against the flow of the stream. Green forest path in shadow will make your walk magical. We have stopped next to the stream in order to refresh our bodies, but we came only to our feet – it was freezing! On the way, you will see a small hydropower plant. It doesn’t really fit in this natural landscape.

Steam Curak

Photo by: Essence of Croatia

Green Spring

You will have to pay the entrance 20 kn/person and after it, you can choose two different paths in order to see the most important attractions. Our first question to the lady which works at the entrance was: “Are there any bears?”. She sweetly smiled and encouraged us to continue without fear of meeting the bear. And if the lady says so...

Photo by: Essence of Croatia

We have chosen first to reach Green Spring. The path is quite demanding since it is pretty inclined, but believe us - it is worth it! Green Spring is a strong spring located at the bottom of a shallow cave at the foot of a seventy meters high cliff. We bet you will enjoy in the waterfall from the top of the cliff. The spring was named after the emerald-green water of the small lake whose spring in the cave cannot be seen.                                                                                                                              Zeleni Vir Green Spring

Photo by: Essence of Croatia

Water from small lake enters into an underground channel that brings the water up to the water power-plant named "Munjara". This was the first water power-plant in Gorski kotar  and it was built in 1921.

Zeleni Vir

Photo by: Essence of Croatia

Devil’s Passage

After exploring Green Spring, it’s time to visit Devil’s Passage canyon. It is one of the most beautiful Croatian canyons full of wild beauty. Through a narrow gorge, among rocks about hundred meters high, murmurs the mountain stream Jasle that dries up during summer.

Vražji prolaz, Devil's passage

Photo by: Essence of Croatia

That is why we would suggest visiting this reserve in spring so you can enjoy the foamy stream. Galleries and bridges above the stream have been made for visitors and excursions. It is truly amazing what nature is able to build!

Vražji prolaz, Devil's passage

Photo by: Essence of Croatia

Muževa hišica

At the end of the Devil's passage, you will arrive in front of Muževa hišica - a little cave where a long time ago the inhabitants of Skrad used to hide from Turks. The cave is 200 meters long and it hides a small hall with a lake. There are two boats in the lake and it is still not explained where they came from. The temperature of water and air in the cave is always the same - 8 °C. Dress well if you plan to enter the cave! There are also few stalagmites and stalactites in it and explorers have found one of the rarest examples of our fauna - the olm.

Mužava Hišica

Photo by: Essence of Croatia

On the way back

We have stopped in the Climbers lodging to refresh with water and to eat delicious desserts from Gorski kotar - pancakes with forest fruit and blueberries strudel. This is something typical and you should taste it.

Pancakes Crepes with Bluberries Gorski Kotar

Photo by: Planinarski dom Zeleni Vir

On the way back we have followed the stream until we reached our car. Exhausted and full of positive energy, we sat in the car and went to our lovely accommodation. It was impossible to capture the beauty of this area in a photo or describe it with words, as much as we tried. To truly experience it, you will have to visit Gorski kotar, enter the forest, close your eyes, breathe deeply the fresh mountain air, listen to sounds of nature, the gurgle of water, meet frisky squirrels, refresh your feet in cold spring water... You continue the line!


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