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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

If you haven't been to Istria yet, you should definitely go. If you have already been there, then you should definitely go again! Here are 10 reasons why you will fall in love with this place! 


1.This region has a strong and antic identity. It has both Italian and Slavic roots so you can find the charming “dolce vita” way of life of Italy and the folkloric influences of Croatia.

Arcitecture Pula


2. It can suit any tourists thanks to its varied landscape. Whether you prefer mountains or the seaside, you can find in Istria your heart’s desire. And if you love both, no worries, you can still do both by spending time in Pula for its charming beaches and then heading toward the natural park Učka, the hilliest part of Istria.

ucka park

Photo by: Tomo Egredzija

3. It is the Mediterranean way of life. People are very peaceful and they enjoy life. There is a lot of activity in the cities but you can also find peace in the countryside and in the small seaside resorts.

Rabac sea


4. The climate is really pleasing. In the winter, it is mild and in the summer it gets hot (from 28 to 35 degrees). Of course, you can always dive into the sea in order to cool off.

Cape kamenjak

Photo by: Suzana Pinjuh

5. Pula, Istria’s capital, has a lot of Roman remains all over the city, and especially in the old town. You definitely have to see the Roman Amphitheatre.

Photo by: Zoran Burazerovic

6. Wherever you are from it is easy to get to Istria. There are two airports in Istria (Pula and Rijeka), there are also other airports near Istria (Venice, Ljubljana or even Trieste).

Photo by: Zoran Burazerović

7. Savourous cuisine and wine. By the seaside, you can find fresh fish and seafood (like octopus and shrimps) and in the countryside, you can find quality products such as truffles, wild asparagus or even Prsut (dried salted ham). Istria is also known for its wine and its olive oil.

fish istria

Photo by: Damjan Bistričić

8. The colour of the sea. We can’t even describe how turquoise it is. You have to see it in order to understand how beautiful is this colour. Sometimes people see the pictures on the internet and think that it is photoshopped, but we can assure you that it is not.

ližnjan sea

Photo by: Suzana Pinjuh

9. Its people. Istrian people are very welcoming and the love to have a chat. If you don’t speak Croatian, no worries, almost every Istrians speak English and they will be pleased to help you find your way or a restaurant. If you speak Italian, it’s even better, all native Istrians speak Italian as Istria was part of Italy until 1954. And if you talk to them in Italian, local people will be even more pleased.

Croatian girl

10. Still hesitating? Well, you should check the prices. Istria is way cheaper than over cities in Croatia like Dubrovnik or Zadar. And if you are coming from Western Europe or America, Croatia will appear very cheap to you. Of courses, as in every tourism destinations, prices go a little bit up in the summer, so the best advice we can give is to plan your holidays during Spring (April - June) or Autumn (September - October) so that you can enjoy the good weather while being not overwhelmed with tourists.


Photo by: Valentine Adelmant-Régnier


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