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We will make you wanna explore Croatia


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Croatia is country of 1000 islands but as well wildlife diversity is not missing. There are much more animal species than in this blog, but if we wanted to list them all, it would last forever. If you have some proposals, feel free to comment below this article.

Main photo collage authors: Zoran Rudec, Marin Majo Marasović, Željko Željkov, Dikta Bart

1. I've got my eye on you!

Bogomoljka - A Mantis

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

2. Freedom is all around!

Galeb - A Seagull

Photo by: Slaven Radolović

3. Sometimes life can get upside down!

Božja ovčica - A Ladybug

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

4. Some of them show up like real models!

Mačka - A Cat

Photo by: Željko Željkov

5. Colours have their meaning, wonder which one? 

Pjegavi daždevnjak - A Fire Salamander

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

6. Recognizable meee meee...

Koza - A Goat

Photo by: Marin Majo Marasović

7. And oink oink...

Divlja svinja - A Wild Boar

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

8. Everything under control!

Bjeloglavi sup - A Griffon Vulture

Photo by: Marin Majo Marasović

9. Small and dangerous!

Gusjenica - A Caterpillar

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

10. Typical for Istria region!

Istarsko govedo boškarin - An Istrian Cattle

Photo by: Ditka Bart

11. You can run but you cannot hide!

Crveni jelen - A Red Deer

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

12.  Are you behind me?

Magarac - A Donkey

Photo by: Marin Majo Marasović

13. Slowly but surely!

Puž - A Snail

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

14. What a thief!

Vjeverica - A Squirrel

Photo by: Marin Majo Marasović

15. Breakfast early in the morning...

Konj - A Horse

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

16. Richness of depth...

Zvjezdača - A Starfish

Photo by: Mario Bonić

17.  Who is wiser than an owl?

Sova - An Owl

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

18. Warning, better not to touch!

Škarpina - A Groper

Photo by: Benthos Divers

19. Poisonous beauty!

Poskok - A Nose-horned Viper

Photo by: Marin Majo Marasović

20. Wonder what they are looking for...

Srna - A Roe Deer

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

21. Jump around...

Zelena žaba - An Edible Frog

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

22. So fragile but so beautiful...

Vilin konjic - A Dragonfly

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

23. Don't hurry!

Barska kornjača - An European Pond Terrapin

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

24. Be foxy just like a fox!

Crvena lisica - A Red Fox

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

25. The king of our forests!

smeđi medvjed - A brown bear 


26. I can tell you this is not a dog!

vuk - a wolf

27. Say goodbye to this day with these swans...

Crvenokljuni labud - A Mute Swan

Photo by: Zoran Rudec


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