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Pazin is a small town located in the centre of Istria, in Croatia. The whole area of the city is approximately 135 km², with almost 8,500 inhabitants. The town is well known for its rich heritage and tradition.

What makes Pazin special is definitely its unusual situation - right on the hill, where buildings look as if they can fall down from the cliff any minute.

The main photo by Morena Bravar



The first information ever mentioned about the town of Pazin is from 983, where Emperor Oton accepts the fortification Castrum Pisinum and its assignment to the Bishops of Poreč.

Through the years Pazin was ruled by various emperors, depending on which one had the biggest influence at the time on Istria region.

Morena Bravar2

Photo by Morena Bravar‎


The main attraction and a must-see place are The Castle of Pazin. It is the biggest castle in the Istria Peninsula. It is very well preserved as for medieval fortress in this area. Over time it was partly destroyed and restored a few times. Its name was also changed a few times, as well as the owners.

Today, inside the castle there is the Ethnographic Museum of Istria and the Museum of Pazin. Both of them are definitely worth visiting. The fortress is located in the city centre so it is very easy to get there.

Ditka Bart

Photo by Ditka Bart

If you want to discover some of Gothic Art in Istria you do not hesitate to visit The Parochial Church of St. Nicholas. It was built in the XIII century and rebuilt a couple of times since then.

A popular reason for which people visit Pazin is for its Abyss. Under the castle, about 100 meters under the city level are situated two lakes which are connected by a siphon. The view is marvellous.

The last must-see place is The Franciscan Monastery. During the past centuries, it was used for different purposes, among others: as a pharmacy, hospital, or even school.

Morena Bravar3

Photo by Morena Bravar‎


The town of Pazin thanks to its central location in Istria region is easily accessible from many bigger cities. You can take a day trip from Pula, Rijeka, Rovinj, or even Trieste in Italy.

As usual, the easiest way is to go by car, but there are also buses and trains available.

Francesca Delbianco

Photo by Francesca Delbianco


The most popular accommodation in Pazin is in private houses or small hotels managed by locals. Make sure to book a place in advance as there aren’t too many options.

Pazin is a small place so you can as well go there for a few hours and sleep in one of the bigger cities mentioned above.

Massimo Pulić

Photo by Massimo Pulić


The biggest attraction of Pazin is its natural beauty. Go trekking through Pazin Abyss, leading to the Pazin Cave. It is a great idea for active day and fun both for adults, as well as for children.

Unless you are afraid of heights, go for an adventurous ride on Zip Line Pazinska jama, located above the Pazin Cave. Best views in town guaranteed.

If you have more time take a short trip to Zarecki Krov. It is a beautiful natural area with picturesque waterfalls.

While your stay you shouldn't miss an opportunity to taste some Istrian cuisine. There’re a few cosy restaurants located in the centre of town.

Zoran Burazerović

Photo by Zoran Burazerović

We hope you’ll have a wonderful time in Pazin, and come back home with unique memories!

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