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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

If we were to imagine an alternate world where Croatia doesn’t exist, certainly we would see some changes. For example, the White House probably wouldn’t look the way it does now. Suits would be worn without ties, and Cruella de Vil should have to attack a group of small German Sheperds or maybe Yorkshire Terriers instead of well known dog breed with its famous black spots. 

 Main Article photo by: Kristijan Pernar Photography

From this scenery we can see that Croatia, although small by area, has truly significant contributions to the world. In addition, it is full of unusual, interesting places, stories and people. That is why, to remind you how great she really is, we are bringing you 20 facts that you might not know about our beautiful homeland.


1.Croatia, along with Spain, has the most intangible heritage under UNESCO’s protection in Europe.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of the areas under the protection of UNESCO


2. Dalmatian - one of the most famous dog breeds - originates from Croatian historical region of Dalmatia.

The Dalmatian originating in Croatia

Photo by:


3. Croatia is the home of the famous explorer Marco Polo.

Marco Polo

Photo by:


4. Croatia is also the home of one of the greatest inventors in the world, Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla

Photo by:


5. Naturalist beaches are an important part of tourism in the country (not even Bradley Cooper could resist taking off his clothes when he visiting the country).

Stiniva cove

Photo by: Brooke Darling


6. Some of the most important scenes of the popular show “Game of Thrones” were shot in Croatia.

Klis - one of “Game of Thrones” places in Croatia

Photo by:

7. The White House in Washington was built with the stone from Croatian island Brač! Same as the Parliament building in Vienna and Budapest.

Island Brač


8. Located in the city of Zadar is the world’s first sea and wind-powered organ.

"Pozdrav Suncu"

Photo by: Luka Papić Photography


9. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the smallest town in the world is Hum in Croatian region Istria - although it has only 23 inhabitants!

Hum - the smallest town in the world

Photo by: Milan Tomičić


10. Dubrovnik, an independent republic at the time, was the first to recognize the United States as a nation, having declared its independence from Great Britain.



11. The tie comes from Croatia - in the past, it was a part of the Croatian national costume, and according to tradition, when a soldier went to war, his wife would have tied a narrow scarf - a necktie around his neck, as to remind him of her love.

Tie originates from Croatia

Photo by: Darko Turković


12. On the island of Mljet is the Odysseus cave - legend says that the famous adventurer rescued after a shipwreck on the nearby Origon cliffs, and there met the nymph he has fallen for, spending the next 7 years with her.

The Odysseus cave

Photo by: Antonio Rušić


13. One of the best skiers in the world is Croatian - Janica Kostelić is the only woman with 4 gold medals from the Olympics, and the only one to win 3 gold medals in one Olimpic games.

Janica Kostelić - the best Croatian skier

Photo by: Več

14. Almost 10 percent of the Croatian territory are natural beauties  - 11 nature parks, 8 national parks and 2 nature reserves.

National Park Krka

Photo by: Ivan Ivanković


15. Croatia is a part of the European Union, but its currency is Kuna. Kuna was named after an animal marten, whose fur traders once used as a currency of exchange for other goods.

Croatian currency Kuna

Photo by:


16. Croatian inventor Slavoljub Penkala over his lifetime completed over 80 inventions, some of which are the pen (which was named according to him), detergent, electric toothbrush, thermos, flashlight and others.

S. Penkala, a Croatian inventor whose most famous invention is the pen

Photo by:


17. During the year, Croatia has about 2715 sunny hours, which is more than Sydney, Australia.

Croatia is sunnier than Australia

Photo by: Kristijan Pernar Photography


18. The biggest truffles in the world were found in Croatia.

Istrian truffle

Photo by:


19. Pula is the city that Dante Alighieri mentioned in his Divine Comedy, and also the city in which the Romans have built the sixth amphitheatre.


Photo by: Slaven Radolović


20. The underwater device the destruction of ships - the torpedo - was invented by Ivan Vukić in the 19th century in Rijeka.

Torpedo in the Rijeka Museum

Photo by:


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