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Ližnjan is a small village in Istria region, Croatia. The population is approximately four thousand citizens, spread on 54 km2.

Even though the whole Istria is a peninsula, the town is located on its own, tiny one, at the southernmost tip of Istria.

The village has access to the sea and it overlooks the Kvarner islands. The main attraction is a 28km coastline with beautiful rocky beaches.

The economy of the area is based on fishing, harbour and tourism.

The main photo by Suzana Pinjuh


Ki Ka4

Photo by Ki Ka


Ližnjan was at the beginning just a small settlement, but with a long history. The first evidence of its existence is over 7000 years old.

Discover the remains of Roman villas and pieces of the amphora. Explore the underwater world where old wrecks can still be found.

 Ki Ka 2

Photo by Ki Ka


Ližnjan is mainly a place to relax on the beach and enjoy the biodiversity of the area. There are just a few places to visit.

The first is a charming church called Crkva Majke Božje od Kuj. It was built in the 17th century, but its foundations date back to ancient times. When you walk inside, you will notice a glass floor thanks to which you can see a beautiful ornamental painting underneath it.

 Sendi Smoljo

Photo by Sendi Smoljo

Secondly, in the town, you can also explore the remains of the ancient city of Nesactium, which was built by the ancient Histri.

Another worth visiting place is St. Marti Church, built in the 19th century, but based on the earlier remains.

Take a walk to see the lighthouses Lanterna and Galiola. Also, don’t miss a chance to see Svetica.

Ki Ka

Photo by Ki Ka


Ližnjan is situated just 11km away from the city of Pula. There is an international airport there, making it easily accessible from any place in Europe. There is also a bus station which connects the city with any other part of Croatia.

From Pula, you can easily get to Ližnjan by car, local bus, or even on a bike!

If you are spending your holiday in Medulin, Ližnjan is within walking distance. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore stunning nature sights!

Suzana Pinjuh2

Photo by Suzana Pinjuh


There are plenty of options. Only in Ližnjan, there are many hotels, from basic ones to very luxurious.

A good idea is to also look for accommodation outside Ližnjan, mainly in Medulin and Pula.

During high season, make sure to book your stay in advance.

Morena Bravar

Photo by Morena Bravar


Ližnjan is a perfect place to enjoy what nature has to offer. For sports enthusiasts, we recommend windsurfing and kitesurfing. A good way to spend your free time actively is to go on a bike tour. A popular destination is Marlera lighthouse. Although the building is private property, the surrounding is stunning.

Isola di Levan (Levan Island) is located just 30 minutes boat ride away from the land. Most boats go from Medulin which is just next to Ližnjan. What is special about the island? Sandy beaches - quite rare in Croatia. On the island, apart from sunbathing and swimming, you can have a meal or cocktails on the beach. Amazing views and breathtaking sunset guaranteed.

Damir Bošnjak

Photo by Damir Bošnjak

During summer there are a few local festivals taking place in Ližnjan. Check in advance current dates, maybe there will be one while you’re there!

If you’re staying in Ližnjan for a few days, take a trip to Pula, Rovinj or Porec. These are must-visit destinations in Istria region, not far from Ližnjan.

Suzana Pinjuh4

Photo by Suzana Pinjuh

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