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Vrsar is a small town located on a hill near the delta of the Lim Bay. Do you want to experience living in medieval times surrounded by romantic views? Carry on reading to explore more about this beautiful town.

Main photo by Massimo Pulić‎

Vrsar Town Travel Guide

History of Vrsar

The town started developing on a hill but today it is expanding along the coast. The number of inhabitants is 2700. Mostly locals are engaged with the tourism industry. Other different names of Vrsar are Ursaria, Ursarium, Vrsarium. 

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Photo by Darija Batelić

Before it started expanding outside its walls during the 19th century, the town consists of only that is now known as the Old Town Vrsar. The town walls and old town gates give proofs of the rich history in which several great empires were ruling the town and nearby regions. 

In Vrsar, there are narrow streets and small squares with building give an impression of the cosy and historical city decorated in various styles. 

Besides many monuments preserved in the Old Town, during the sightseeing of Vrsar, you can't miss the cultural monuments and ancient buildings from the period of the Roman Empire situated in the port and the hinterland

Tradition and history remained written in the old city core of Vrsar, the feeling that you are living in medieval times will not leave you here. The very entrance to the town has an old stone gate that used to be the only entrance into the fortified town on the hill. 

City Sights of Vrsar

In Vrsar, you can enjoy many town viewpoints. The cultural part of the town includes Parish church of St. Martin, Bell Tower, the church of St. Mary of the Sea and numerous smaller churches rich in stone inscriptions.

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Photo by Adem Mulalić

Also, the noteworthy fact is the presence of remainders of the Roman necropolis and magazine confirm that Vrsar was a developed centre in the ancient time. 

Vrsar archipelago consists of 18 uninhabited islands. If you want to enjoy solitude and have a peaceful day, then spending your time on those islands will be a great decision. 

Vrsar has all types of beaches, sandy, pebbly and rocky and there are many hidden coves and bays to explore. 

There is also a park of the sculptures of the world-renowned sculptor Dušan Džamonja. The park is located just off campsite Orsera, direction Porec. It is a beautiful sculpture park spreading on over 10 hectares which is open to visitors. 

Accommodation and Transport

In order to get to the town, you can take a bus from Rovinj and Porec or if you are coming by plane, the nearest airport is in Pula from where you can get to Vrsar by car or by bus as well. 

Any type of accommodation can be found in Vrsar. For limited budget visitors, there is a variety of campsites and private accommodation.

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Photo by Mateja Deumić

What to do in Vrsar? 

As for activities and entertainment in Vrsar, visitors can find a lot of things to do here. Town has natural wonders, stunning beaches, cultural heritage so you can walk around the promenade and admire town alleys and the charming houses.

Also, Casanova fest held in Vrsar, it is a celebration of love, beauty and eroticism through all art forms. The festival celebrates the historic connection between the famous seducer Casanova and Vrsar.

You can also have a tour to the Lim Bay, to one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Istria. Amazing place to spend a day! 

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Photo by Tomo Egredžija

The beaches offer a wide selection of activities such as diving and exploring the shipwrecks of the sunken war and passenger ships, steep cliffs and caves as well as the equipment you require. Also, even the Vrsar is a small town it has something else not typical to other small towns. It is an airport where you can take a plane and fly over Vrsar with a breathtaking view.

That would be a unique adventurous experience for sure! 

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