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Bale is a small town located on the Istrian Peninsula, close to two bigger cities: Pula and Rovinj. The population is approximately one thousand and one hundred citizens.

The total area of Bale is 81.65 km2. The town is officially bilingual - Croatian and Italian. The Italian name of the city is Valle d'Istria.

The main photo by Oliver Barnjak‎



Even though Bale is a small town, its history reaches far in the past. On the area of the city were found dinosaur fossils, mostly of Histriasaurus. Now you can see them at the local museum.

Bale was first a Roman settlement, as we can learn from the Castrum Vallis. It was built by Caius Palcrus and was used to protect the road from Pula to Poreč.

Morena Bravar1

Photo by Morena Bravar


Soardo-Bembo Citadel - it is the largest building in the town. It is famous for its gothic- renaissance facade which is the first thing every visitor notices. The castle belonged to Soardo family (since the 16th century), they used to organise various social events in the castle.

The Parish Church of Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Elizabeth - is made of white stone on the remains of a 9th-century basilica. Interesting fact: it is the fifth church in a row constructed on the same spot in the city.

The Church of the Holy Spirit - it’s a small church built in the 15th century. Definitely worth seeing are fresco paintings, created by Albert from Constance, located inside the building.

Town Hall - recognised for its beautiful loggia, which was built in the 14th century. Today, the building is used by the town's administration.

After visiting all spots mentioned above, take your time to stroll along the narrow alleys and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Bale.

Morena Bravar3

Photo by Morena Bravar


If you have a car and you are staying anywhere in the Istria region, don’t hesitate and make a day trip to Bale. It is not a long ride, for example, a trip from Pula should take you around 30min.

The town of Bale is also easily accessible by bus. Check current timetables and prices on the bus station, wherever you stay.

The closest airport to Bale is the international airport in Pula.

Elza Legović

Photo by Elza Legović


There are various accommodation options. Most popular are guesthouses which you can easily find on the internet.

If you appreciate hight comfort, there are also hotels which offer high-quality apartments.

Make sure to book a place in advance to get the best price.

Patrick Knapic

Photo by Patrick Knapic


San Polo Beach - is located close to the town of Bale. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a sunny day. Don’t forget to take a blanket or even better a sunbed with you, as the beach is rocky.

Last Minute Open Jazz Festival - for all music enthusiasts, it’s a one of a lifetime experience. It is a popular event not only for Croatians but also attracts many foreigners every year. Visit Bale this year in August!

Park Histria Aromatica - it is a place where you can learn about indigenous, healing, aromatic and spicy Mediterranean herbs. Stunning views guaranteed!

Istrian Dinosaurs - discover some of the fossils in Bale-Valle on various exhibitions.

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Photos by Emili Bećirević‎

We hope you will have a great time in Bale, making amazing memories!

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