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Fažana or in Italian - Fasana, is a small town in the western coast of Istria, Croatia. The total area is about 14 km², and the population is less than 4000 citizens.

The town is recognised as a point from which you can get to The National Park - Brijuni Islands because there’s a port from which all the boats and ferries departure. Fažana is also known as “the pearl” of the west coast of Istria peninsula because of its unique charm of narrow streets and colourful buildings. The coast is also breathtaking, making Fažana a perfect spot for a city break.

The main photo by Morena Bravar‎



For ages in Fažana, the main sectors of employment for the local population were fishing and farming. In the past, it has also been a battleground for huge empires such as the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, as well as authorities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The leaders would also choose the town for a meeting point.

Interesting fact - Josip Broz Tito (a former president of Yugoslavia) was a frequent guest on Brijuni Islands! He would spend there up to six months a year.


Suzana Pinjuh2

Photo by Suzana Pinjuh‎


The main attractions of Fažana are its charming architecture, cosy streets and beautiful coast with transparent water of the Adriatic Sea. Let yourself take a break and just go without a particular destination, discovering the town.

While taking a walk, you should visit a few places. Start with the parish Church of St. Cosmas and Damian. It is located right in the old centre of the town.

Next place on the list should be the Church of St. Mary of Mount Carmel, as well as the Church of St. Elisha and St. John’s Church. All those places are surrounded by cultural monuments reflecting the heritage of Fažana.


Valentina Selak Würth

Photo by Valentina Selak Würth‎


Fažana is located in the close neighbourhood of the city of Pula. The distance is approximately 10km. The easiest way is to visit the town from there by car. You can always rent one at the airport or in the city centre

The other option is the bus. You can get there by a local bus. To check current timetables go to the main bus station in Pula.

If you’re in Rovinj - another popular tourist destination in Istria, it is also easy to visit Fažana. We recommend to take a one day trip covering both sightseeing of Fažana Town and visiting The National Park Brijuni.

Marko Ribica

Photo by Marko Ribica‎


There’re plenty of options, from luxurious hotels to cosy houses with a magnificent view of the sea.

Make sure to book a place in advance as it might be hard to find a place on the last notice during the summer season.

Ewan Poppy

Photo by Ewan Poppy


A town is a perfect place for sunbathing and swimming. You can just relax on a sunbed and enjoy a view or jump to the warm sea.

It is a popular spot for windsurfers as well as underwater life explorers. Take a trip on the Fazana Semi submarine to watch different species of fish.


Fažana is also well known for summer festivals. The most popular are:

“Party of Mackerel” fish related contests

“Fažanski tanac”  - performing young folklore dancers from Istria

“Sea on the Table” - taste differed seafood specialities

“Zvizde, sviće I ferali” - giving jewels to the sea accompanied by the music of street players


A must see is, of course, The National Park Brijuni with its breathtaking nature sites. All the ferries go from the main port in the centre of Fažana. Reserve a whole day for this trip as there are numerous thing to see on the islands.

Zoran BurazerovićPhoto by Zoran Burazerović‎


While your stay in Fažana it is unacceptable not to try the Istrian cuisine. Check some of the following restaurants: "Feral", "Beccaccia", "Ulika", "Arboretum", “Surida,” “Adria”, and “Batana”. They’re supposed to be the best in the town.

For nightlife lovers, unfortunately, there aren’t too many options. You can enjoy a drink in one of the beach bars. If you’re looking for places to dance we recommend to go to Pula or Medulin. There’re plenty of options to choose from there.


Suzana Pinjuh3

Photo by Suzana Pinjuh‎

I hope you’ll have a chance to visit Fažana and fall in love with it as we did. After you come back, make sure to share your experiences with us!

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