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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Pula is the largest city in Istria County of Croatia located at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula. There are numerous things which attract experienced and amateur tourists in this city. However, in this article, I will explore the reasons why you should avoid visiting Pula. Let's go! 

1. There is no sign that the Romans were here. The city gives an impression of a typical Croatian city.66832902 10214917547680648 8504717145152684032 o 

Photo by Zoran Burazerović‎

2. The city is super old. There is no evidence of ancient ruins, forts and buildings. 15965949 379669522370670 501495686289753971 n

Photo by Morena Bravar

3.Totally not a historical city. Pula was inhabited and ruled by different empires that reflected on many city aspects. Not a good reason to visit it, right? 48390436 10157145282370854 3068039214210744320 o

Photo by Kika

4. Popular touristic destination city of Istria. The city is crowded with tourists from all over the world. 62112404 10214662434062967 1881908180657635328 o

Photo by Zoran Burazerović‎

5. You will never meet sea animals and birds in Pula. 64971728 2996778807061372 3981283453298540544 o

Photo by Patrick Knapic

6. No sand beaches in Pula. Pula has non-sand beaches with purely clear seawater. 55789989 2240390855984429 3788298104399200256 o

Photo by Dominik Pejić‎

7.So boring here in Pula. It has literally nothing to offer except for sunset views, beach relaxations, ancient historical ruins... Sounds not interesting at all!65764040 10157589656710854 8686715400773173248 o

Photo by Kika

8. So hard to reach the beach in Pula. You can walk from any point in the city to reach the beach in 10-15 minutes. So far ...ughPula FotoBasso

Photo by Foto Basso

9. Same sunsets every day. Pula offers one-type boring sunsets every day so that you will be fed up with them.64843139 2514928481874247 1988687291043807232 o (1)

Photo by Damir Dobranović

10. As I said sunsets in Pula are all the same. 65260100 1217535871762463 4157942995850625024 n

Photo by Kristijan Marić

11. The city is full of weird festivals. Pula continuously holds a variety of weird festivals so you don’t know which of them to attend.21752240 10155857276520854 8948792353363634905 n 

Photo by Kika

12.Definitely ugly views in Pula. You will not experience amazing views in Pula at all. Change your mind to visit another city as soon as possible!60570153 2831390296888039 2037432511268651008 o

Photo by Igor Esse

13. Not friendly locals here.image23

Photo by Sendi Smoljo

14. Pula’s nature is so spoiled! You have to take your time to discover purely clear nature and beaches.59790496 10219471757735192 2517493697570930688 o 

Photo by Oriano Batelic‎

15.So many rainy summer days in Pula.62044388 10157535673335854 4493299518405607424 o

Photo by Kika

16. Did I mention, that you will not find any beautiful city corners here?59869586 2875660855839835 2432028224952205312 o

Photo by Patrick Knapic

17. Definitely not a city for a vacation.58033069 10157156506649812 6356493762050392064 o

Photo by Roberto Bilić‎

18.No food variety. City restaurants have nothing interesting to offer for you.67218280 773371066394018 8441188875128274944 n

Photo by Miško Macolić Tomičić

19. Fruits? Not here.66584868 2474091982611355 7063189927202127872 o

Photo by Keki Duduova

20.No one would like to drink homemade wine and relax after work in this city.67348301 2377910832478372 4663098752645464064 n

Photo by Gianni Tromba

21. There is no romantic atmosphere in Pula. Do not come here for your honeymoon!49065391 10219333623838317 5650722818753560576 n

Photo by Slivio Pletikos

22. And grey monotonous night views...61203189 2686749161352714 552816746885545984 o

Photo by Daniel Skabic

23. After being in Pula, you won’t willing to visit other Croatian cities. As the city combines all popular features of Croatia: architecture, nearby islands, plenty of beaches of the Adriatic Sea, delicious food, you will lose the desire to visit other Croatian cities. 66489936 10214861042308049 8856573952806354944 o (1)

Photo by Zoran Burazerović

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