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We will make you wanna explore Croatia


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Is there any possibility that we convince you not to visit Istria after this article? If you know more reasons why you would never visit Istra contact us at the end of the article! 

Main Article photo: Foto Basso

1. In Istria, every sunset is the same!

Rt Kamenjak Sunset 

Photo by:  

2. There is no life in forests!

Park forest Šijana

Photo by: Gordana Matijašić

3. Especially during winter!

Frozen hills on the mountain of Učka

Photo by:

4. Also, it is hard to see a fish underwater...

 C:\Users\no user\Desktop\5. ronjenje.jpg

Underwater Funtana

Photo by:

5. As we said before, every sunset is the same...

Lighthouse Porer

Photo by:

6. There is only one national park with 14 islands!

Brijuni national park

Photo by:

7. There is also no beauty in the heartland!

Waterfall Sopot

Photo by: David Faraguna

8. Neither this waterfall is amazing!

Zarečki krov

Zarečki krov

9. Come on, who would ever live in the smallest city in the world?

Hum - the smallest city in the world

Photo by: Milan Tomičić

10. And all the other cities are just the same!



Photo by:

11. Just sea, sun and relaxing - boring, isn't it?



Photo by: Zoran Burazerović

12. There is no proof that Romans were there 3000 years ago!

Augustov hram

Temple of Augustus in Pula 

13. People in Istria live in clouds - how strange is that?



Photo by: Zoran Konestabo

14. Beaches - the same big rocks and blue-green sea everywhere around you...

Cape Kamenjak

Photo by: croq

15. There are no sand beaches...

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\12 levan.jpg

Island Levan

Photo by:

16. Water is too clear...

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\bistra voda.jpg

Havajsko Beach Pula

Photo by:

17. Most of the islands have a strange shape!

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\otok.jpg


Photo by: 

18. It is so hard to see all the stars...

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\13 nebo.jpg

Rt Marlera

Photo by: Sendi Smoljo Photography

19. During the storm, the view is kind of... too colourful?

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\14. uljanik.jpg

Pula Bay

Photo by: Sendi Smoljo Photography

20. No one would like to watch a film under the stars!

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\ festival.jpg

Pula film festival

Photo by:

21. People are not hanging out with other humans!

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\16.park.jpg

Park City of Graz

Photo by: Sendi Smoljo Photography

22. There is no place to go out and have fun!

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\outlook.jpg

Outlook festival

Photo by: Outlook festival

23. Who would ever eat mushrooms that grow under the ground?

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\tartufi.jpg

Istrian speciality with truffles

Photo by:

24. It is normal to drink wine and relax after a meal - crazy people, aren't they?               

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\vino.jpg

Vine and fire

Photo by:

25. They have their own language (even other Croats don't understand them)!

How do you say on Istrian never  (1)

Istrian language

Photo by: Essence of Croatia

26. If you ever visit Istria, you might be eaten by a dinosaur!

C:\Users\no user\Desktop\dinosauri.jpg

Footprint of dinosaurs

Photo by:

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