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Discover Croatia with us

Premantura is a small, picturesque village in Istria region,Croatia. It is situated on the southernmost tip of Istrian Peninsula. Permanently it is inhabited by less than 1000 people, but a short distance from Premantura is the city of Pula, which is the biggest city in Istria.

While Premantura village itself is a beautiful area, we strongly recommend to take a long walk or drive a few kilometres further - to the very end of the peninsula and see Cape Kamenjak.

 The main photo by Ki Ka


Cape Kamenjak consists of more than 30 km of coastline. You will see there lovely beaches with transparent water - perfect for swimming on a sunny day, and small sheltered bays where you can relax your body and mind.

Ewan Poppy

Photo by Ewan Poppy


 Premantura & Cape Kamenjak beside from their natural beauty are famous for the dinosaurs’ traces which you can find there. In 1975 on the Island of Fenoliga scientists found traces of the ornithopod, the theropod, as well as to species of sauropod dinosaurs. The discoveries date back from the Cretaceous period, which gives them between 65 and 70 million years of age.

The region was changing its name a few times during its long history. The first one was “Capo di Pola” in ancient times. Later, in the 1st century, its name was changed by Roman Pomponio Mela to “Promunturium Polaticum”, which is the origin of today’s name Premantura.

Research indicates that Premantura has been populated even 4000 years ago. During the Roman Empire, Premantura belonged to Pula. In the 5th century, it became Vescovi property, later taken over by Venetian rule in 1331. In 1585, the first settlers arrived in Premantura from Dalmatia (Zadar to be specific), running away from the Turks.


Morena Bravar 2

Photo by ‎Morena Bravar‎


In Premantura you can find just a few city sights, so make sure to visit them while you stay.

One of them is Parish Church of St.Lovro. It was built in 1632 and is located in the middle of the village, on a hill. It has five altars and a very high bell tower.

Next one, The House of Nature Kamenjak, it is situated in the centre of Premantura. It is presenting the natural world of Cape Kamenjak. You will find there photos of Cape Kamenjak, as well as the presentation of dinosaur footprints, aquariums, and terrarium.

Fenoliga is an island in front of Premantura. There you can see plenty of fossilized footprints of two leg carnivore dinosaurs – theropods and ornithopods. Moreover, there are fingerprints of oval-shaped four-legged sauropod dinosaurs.

While being on Fenoliga Island a must see is a Lighthouse Porer. It is located just 2.5 km from the mainland and was built in 1833. Its tower is 35 m tall.


Morena Bravar

Photo by ‎Morena Bravar‎


The easiest way to get to Premantura is from the city of Pula. To Pula, you can get by plane, bus, train or ferry. 

Pula - Premantura

By car - it is a 20 min drive. If you don’t have your own car with you, it is possible to rent it at the airport or in the city centre.

By bus - there are public buses which go there every day from the main bus station in Pula. During the high season, you can find also private buses and one day tours.

To Cape Kamenjak from Premantura, you can get on foot, by bike or by car.


Suzana Pinjuh

Photo by ‎Suzana Pinjuh‎


As Premantura is a natural sight, most of the accommodation is on camps. There are four main camps – Camping Stupice, Camping Runke, Camping Tašalera and Kranjski Camping. They are all well equipped and close to nature. 

If you don’t like this kind of accommodation, we suggest renting a private house from the locals. There are plenty of options, from simple apartments to luxurious villas.


Patrick Knapic

Photo by ‎Patrick Knapic‎


The main purpose of coming to this area should be discovering the breathtaking nature. Take a break from your everyday life and relax by going on long walks and appreciating nature. 

On your way, you will see many protected and endemic plants and animal species. Some of them are endemic orchids, butterflies, Mediterranean monk seal, and crabs. Of course, there is much more.


Michaela Geiger

Photo by Michaela Geiger

Go sunbathing on one of the numerous beaches or go swimming in one of the spots with the cleanest water in Croatia. It is also a perfect place for sports enthusiasts, especially for runners and cyclists

You can also go diving and discover the underwater life. One of the biggest attractions while diving is to see a torpedo boat Flamingo of the Austrian Navy, which, during the World War I ran into his mine and today lies at a depth of 45 meters.

Another attraction is windsurfing. It is a perfect place thanks to favourable winds and a specific coast. Also, you don’t need to be afraid if you fall from the board as water is warm.

This region contains almost 90% of all fish species that live in the Adriatic Sea. This is why the area is a popular spot for fishing. Be observant as it is quite easy to see dolphins as they swim by.


 Oriano Batelic

Photo by ‎Oriano Batelic

If you are currently looking for a city break destination - Premantura is a perfect place for you!

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