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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

You've probably heard about Croatia before so we can assume that you are bored by the claim that Croatia is statistically one of the top European destinations for summer vacation? Croatia is a really good choice if you want to spend your summer holidays here, this is not an empty phrase but we won't repeat facts that you already know ...   Besides, Croatia is a very safe country, we are free to walk through our streets here at almost any time of day (and night) without fear of unpleasant incidents. Families with children say that Croatia provides them with almost everything needed for an ideal family vacation. Truth. Croatian people are very child-friendly. If you, by a case, walk in a bar or a restaurant with your children other guests and stuff will probably rejoice when they see them. Maybe they'll play with them or give them some sweets. But it's not the topic right now. Summer is one of the craziest time of the year here in Croatia. It is full of guests from all over the world, it is festival season and full of content.

Main photo by Zoran Burazerović: Rovinj


If you visit a city by the sea, you will experience endless peace and quiet on beaches that are otherwise full, walks by the sea can be a real idyll, as well as enjoying the sound of the waves, and if you catch the sunny days you will hardly recognize the difference between winter and spring.

The winters here are really mild, we can hardly say that they are cold (if you translate the word winter into the Croatian language - it literally means cold). Our brief overview of winter photos will entice you to Croatia today. Scroll and enjoy. Caution! We are not responsible for side effects such as dying of beauty.

1. Can you hear the sea splash already?

Barnjak 2. mj

Oliver Barnjak

2. One of the few rare phenomena in Pula is snow, but if it happens then it is magnificent – Arena under the snow is so magical!

Adem Mulaliå Pula pod snijegom prije 10 godina

Adem Mulalić

3. Plitvice Lakes are our jewels that shine with the same glow whether it is summer or winter time!

Monar Aljoþa Plitvice

Monar Aljoša: Plitvice

4. Have you considered hiking in Istria? If you haven't, this photo will make you try it - Zarečki Krov is located in the heart of Istria. Every word is superfluous...

Burazeroviå Zareƒki krov

Zoran Burazerović: Zarečki krov

5. Bare trees are breaking through the fog. You can see such scenes on a daily basis, the silence of winter forests near Grožnjan will fascinate you with its atmosphere and beauty.

Dominik Pejiå Bijela zemlja Groºnjan

Dominik Pejić

6. Veliko Trgovišće turns into one great winter fairy tale. Has anyone seen where the ice fairies are hiding?

Veiko Trgoviþåe

Irena Trkulja

7. Rovinj from a completely different perspective ... without the superfluous colour, heat in the air and crowded streets, do you like its winter edition?

Burazeroviå Rovinj 1. mj

Zoran Burazerović

8. Have you ever heard about the lake Biljsko in Baranja? Well now that you are, come here and experience it alive. 

Baranja Biljsko jezero   Jelena Boºac

Jelena Božac

9. Is this the World edge?

Maybe for us it is ... but no, this is not the edge of the world but it is the edge of our world – far south of Istria. Cape Kamenjak in winter is desolate, clean and perfect for enjoying the idyll of the winter sea ... In case of sudden inspiration rush, reach for your camera. Side effects are possible - such as beautigasm!

Morena Kamenjak

Morena Bravar

 10. Flowers blossom under the warm January sun ... Only in Croatia!

Rozana Cerin cvijeåe u Januaru

Rozana Cerin

11. Advent in Zagreb is getting better and with more different content every year ... Have you visited it already?

Macuka Zagreb Advent

Mila Macuka

12. And of course ... don't forget to stay at the party! Happy New Year!

Barnjak Vatromet 2020

Oliver Barnjak




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