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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Brijuni National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Istria region. Every year, especially during the summer season, thousands of people from all over the world come to explore its natural beauty. I myself had lately a chance to visit them.

The adventure begins in the small town of Fazana, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. From there you get on a big boat with other visitors. The boat departures almost every hour, which makes it very easy to fit it in a holiday schedule. The cruise takes around 15min, and while being on board you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Fazana, take a glimpse of Brijuni Islands, as well as appreciate transparent water of the sea with plenty of various animals living in it. The trip is perfectly safe for people of any age.

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The photo was taken by Amanda Antoszewska

Finally, the boat berths on the main island - Veliki Brijun. After getting out of the boat, the first thing you see are the footprints of a dinosaur found by archaeologists in the area. It gives you the perspective on how far back in the past the history of the Brijuni National Park goes. The next thing that attracts attention is a charming, white train waiting for visitors, as well as stunning nature, which is for sure well-taken care thanks to the excellent gardeners. Just next to the train, you will see guides holding panels informing visitors in which language the tour will take place. Join the one that suits you the best and start the exploration of Brijuni Islands!

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The photo was taken by Amanda Antoszewska

After everyone gets on a train, the journey begins. You will drive through the whole island, making a huge circle. During the ride, guides explain what can you see outside. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, they’ll be happy to provide you with an answer. On the Northern part of the island is located the Safari Park. The train stops there so that everyone can get out and take pictures of different animals living there. The biggest attraction is an elephant - Lanka. Usually, she’s just relaxing next to her house. There is also a cafe located on the site, with some snacks available, as well as a toilet which you can use for free.

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The photo was taken by Amanda Antoszewska

When everyone has seen all the animals and took perfect pictures, it’s time to continue the ride. On the way, you’ll see different species of animals running free through the park, as well as a rich flora. The guides will explain to you the history of every building you’ll pass by, as well as point some archaeological sites and golf facilities.

After around an hour, we’re back to the point where we started. But what was surprising for me, the guide doesn’t leave the group but accompany visitors through the rest of the must-see places. You’ll discover the old church with some replicas of well-known wall paintings. The guide will explain to you the history of each of them, as well as answer all your questions.

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The photo was taken by Amanda Antoszewska

Later you will visit the boathouse. It has some amazing exhibitions, which demand your interaction. Thanks to it, learning about the Brijuni National Park is a lot of fun! For me, the most interesting exhibition was in the blue room with a huge lightning installation presenting all the islands in the national park. By clicking the buttons, videos showing a particular island will appear on the wall.

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The photo was taken by Amanda Antoszewska

For me the most helpful thing while sightseeing was a constant assistant of a guide, who was open for suggestions regarding what you’d like to see and learn about. I highly recommend taking advantage of the tour to learn the history of this amazing area and how it has changed over the years.

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The photo was taken by Amanda Antoszewska

Beside discovering recommended places, I enjoyed a lot just taking a long walk through the island and relaxing on the coast. You can feel really connected to nature which has an amazing impact on your mood, boosting it and giving a much-needed break from a busy lifestyle back on the land. I highly advise visiting Brijuni Islands, no matter if you’re just visiting Istria region, or you're a local. It is a great adventure for everyone, regardless of age. In my opinion, the best season to visit the National Park is during spring, as the weather is perfect, nature is breathtaking and the island is not too crowded.

Make yourself a present and reserve at least half of a day for this amazing adventure!


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