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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Welcome to the greenest place on Earth, Kamačnik canyon! Okay, we're a bit subjective about this, but when you step into this little paradise, you'll realise we were right. If you want to enjoy this untouched nature, the mingling of water and the soothing sound of trees, head to Gorski kotar, near a small town Vrbovsko.

The starting point of your tour will be at the mouth of Kamačnik stream into Dobra river. There is a catering facility where you can buy a ticket. A ticket price is symbolic (10 kn or 1,5 € per person), but for such a small amount of money, you will get so much enjoyment.

Walking trail is 3.2 kilometres long and the walk will take about an hour, depending on how much time you spend on taking photos. At the very entrance, you can see the ruins of a burnt sawmill that used the power of water while it was still working.

The Path of Pan is gonna cheer you up, it is a series of five sound installations that will complement the sound experience of Kamačnik. Gong, Bear's marimba, Dormouse's bells, Deer's horn and Brook organ are set along the track and you can play it, test your music skills and release your inner artist. The path was named after Pan, the Greek god of nature, wooded areas and pasturelands. He ruled over shepherds, hunters and rustic music and played his wooden flute on mountain peaks.

The path is very diverse, walking at the very edge of the cliff at one point, while in the other you'll be crossing wooden bridges over fresh spring water. Don't rush, take enough time to inhale the fresh air flowing through this canyon, let your eyes get filled with unspoilt greenness, and your mind be as clear as Kamačnik water.

The beauty of water cannot be described in words, it's a special feeling that includes all of your senses. The colour, sounds, scents, freshness, they all mix together into a perfect symphony of nature. Soak your feet in cold stream water, this is a perfect refreshment after a hard walk.

Flora and fauna of this area are extremely rich and well preserved. Beech, hornbeam, birch and fir trees will make a perfect shadow, refreshment in the middle of a hot summer day, if you get hungry just reach for the hazel fruits, blueberries, forest strawberries or blackberries, and last but not least, you can run up against rare and protected plant species such as yew, holly and butcher's broom. Don't be surprised if you meet bears, deers, roe deers or wild boars, and cold spring water provides shelter to trout and salamander.

The spring of Kamačnik, which is at least 95 meters deep (but the exact depth is still unknown) is the end of the path. With such a great depth, it is one of the deepest water springs in Croatia.

Due to its beautiful protected area, Kamačnik belongs to the category of protected landscape. The geomorphological particularity of carst spring and canyon of Kamačnik, well-preserved watercourse, the living world and forest vegetation make this area ecologically extremely important and please treat it with the utmost respect.


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