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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Winter and nature are creating some really cool patterns these days... Literally cool since it's freezing cold in Croatia. Take a look at our frozen gallery!

 Main article photo: Luka Papić Photography


Lake Vrana near Zadar shows us all its beauty locked in ice...

Photo by: Luka Papić Photography


Let's continue with lakes... Lake Lajmir in Baranja is also beautiful dressed in winter clothes!

Photo by: Nenad Milić

Innocent game of swans on lake Jarun in Zagreb...

Photo by: Ljubica Boroša

Pure power is hidden in this frozen waterfall in Plitvice lakes!

Photo by: Momčilo Nikolić

Winter in Baranja leaves us breathless...

Photo by: Nenad Milić

...just as its frozen plains!

Photo by: Nenad Milić

Beauty of Kopački rit captured in a moment...

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

Osijek looks like a winter masterpiece!

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

Have you ever seen winter fairytale in Hrvatsko zagorje?

Photo by: Irena Trkulja

Snow and ice are something well known in Gorski kotar...

Photo by: Zoran Konestabo

...and they make amazing frozen picture all over Gorski kotar!

Photo by: Zoran Konestabo

This is stunning view of mountain Svilaja covered with snow!

Photo by: Željko Grašak Zrnčić

Mountain Dinara is not less beautiful...

Photo by: Željko Grašak Zrnčić

...and frozen Kamešnica is one more place where you can enjoy and feel the benefits of this winter!

Photo by: Željko Grašak Zrnčić


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