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While visiting Zagreb, you could skip boring museums, churches and galleries and do some non-regular things. One of them is visiting Museum of Illusions. The museum is located in Ilica 72, the main street in Zagreb, just 5 minutes walking distance from Ban Jelačić Square.

 Once you enter the museum, you will walk into the fascinating world of illusions. All of the installations will blow your mind, but also will give you an opportunity to learn something new and interesting. You can visit it with your beloved one, friends or family.

The museum of illusion Homer

The museum consists of few rooms that will play some serious games with your perception. There are many mirrors that seem to change the reality, pictures that your eye can see just from some specific corners, visual illusions made of different lines, dots and faces.

Museum of Illusions

Smart playroom is the one which will thrill your little grey cells and question your brain. Here you can play, compete with your friends and learn. It is full of Dilemma games, wooden puzzles and other games which stimulate your cognitive abilites. Some people go to fitness centre to sculpt their bodies, others can turn their brains into piece of art right here!

Museum of Illusion Zagreb

The most photographed room is Ames room where you get tricked by very amusing visual illusion. The person in the right corner looks much higher and bigger than the one in the left corner, but the difference really isn't that big. Great place to make a memory of your visit.

Our advice is to visit the museum and discover an unimaginable experience. We wanted to stay there forever and to play whole day, just like when we were kids. And be prepared not to trust your senses because as the prospect says, „whatever you see, is not what it appears to be“.

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