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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Is there any possibility that we convince you not to visit Slavonija after this article? If you know more reasons why you would never visit Slavonija contact us in the end of the article!

Main article photo by: Zoran Osijek

1. Slavonija is really not beautiful...

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

2. has literally nothing to offer!

PapukPhoto by: Zoran Rudec

3. No breathtaking places...

Slavonia fields
Photo by: Zoran Osijek

 4. ...and no beautiful architecture!

Cathedral Đakovo

Photo by: Janos Korom Dr

5. No nature...


Photo by: Zoran Rudec 

6. ...and no fertile fields!

Slavonian fields

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

7. It sucks since there is no sea...


Photo by: Zoran Rudec

8. ...and there is no tradition at all! 

Slavonska nošnja

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

9. All sunsets are the same!

Sunset Slavonija

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

10. No colours at all...

Poppy field

 Photo by: Zoran Osijek

11. ...not even on this one!


Photo by: Zoran Osijek

12. There is no life in the field!

Deer Field

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

13. As we said, every sunset is the same.

Sunset Slavonija
Photo by: Zoran Osijek

14. And all cities are the same too.

Osijek by night

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

15. Who would ever walk this bridge? 

Osijek bridge

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

16. There is no tasty food...


 Photo by: Zoran Osijek

17. ...especially not the spicy one! 

Chili peppers

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

18. Neither good vine

Wine Slavonija

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

19. Who would like to live next to European Amazon?


Photo by: Anica Bobovcan

20. People are super lazy...

A man works in a field

Photo by: Zoran Rudec

21. And they haven't build any beautiful castle!

Castle Prandau-Normann

Photo by: Zoran Konestabo

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