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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Besides being known for its natural charm and as a top destination for spending a holiday, Croatia is becoming very popular for its wine production.

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For many years, the wine production in Croatia has been divided in two major groups – Continental wine production and Coastal wine production. However, a few years ago the wine experts, wine producers and sommeliers made a new classification of four wine regionsDalmatia, Uplands, Slavonia & Danube and Istria & Kvarner. These four main regions are further divided in twelve sub-regions. Today, Croatia has 64 distinct grape types, more than 800 wineries and almost twenty thousand registered wine makers. White wines are more dominant than the red wines on the Croatian wine market.

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These are some of the most popular Croatian wine types you have to taste while in Croatia.

1. Babić

Babić is a red wine, made from blue wine grapes, coming from the region of Dalmatia. The region around Šibenik is the area where these grapes grow and this wine is characterized with strong density and full-bodied taste. Babić wines have traces of dark berries, plums and figs, as well as distinct spices. Maturation in barrels enhances the wine`s longevity and its spicy taste.

Photo by: akash.mehra

2. Malvazija

Malvazija is a dry white wine made from white grapes grown in the Istria region. It goes well with many kinds of food and it has a nice citrus aroma. Traces of white pepper and dried grass can also be found in this wine. The flavor is intense and is definitely one of the best white wines that come from Istria.

Photo by: Zoran Burazerović

3. Debit

Debit comes from the central and north coast of Croatia. It is made from golden yellow grapes and it is characterized by a nice, herbal taste. There is a strong citric acidity and fresh tones. As it matures, the wine develops its taste and resembles to Vermouth. It goes well with fish specialties and fried broad beans.

Photo by: agerpoint

4. Pošip

This is another very popular white wine that comes from Dalmatia. The white grapes for this wine are grown on the Dalmatian coast and this wine is closely associated with islands of Hvar and Korčula as top places for making Pošip. This wine has a strong aroma and refreshing notes. Wine goes great in combination with sea food, green salads and grilled fish.

Photo by: Zoran Konestabo

5. Plavac

Plavac Mali is one of the best red wine types that comes from Croatia. This grape variety is one of the most planted in Croatia, especially in Dalmatia and in Pelješac. It has a distinct cherry-like flavor with notes of spices and peppers. Plavac wines have high percentages of alcohol and rich tannins. They also age well and are one of the most demanded red wines.

Photo by: Sl-Ziga 

6. Bogdanuša

This is an outstanding white wine coming from Hvar. It has a nice floral aroma and a rich taste. Its name translates into “gift from God” and indeed it has a light, refreshing taste.

Photo by: Jenny Downing

7. Dingač

Dingač is a robust red wine coming from Pelješac peninsula. It is produced from the plavac mali grape variety and it has a nice dark red to purple color. It has a pleasantly bitter taste, and is protected Croatian wine with premium quality.

Photo by: Moriko Matsumushi


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