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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Croatia has 1246 islands along the Adriatic coast. Some of them are inhabited and some of them are not. Some of them are national parks, others are famous for beautiful sandy beaches and some for parties such as island of Pag!

Main photo by: Silberfuchs

1. Brijuni 

Brijuni Islands are group of 14 small islands situated near Pula, the biggest city in Istria. The main island is called Veli Brijun and it is also a national park which is open to visitors. On Veli Brijun there are 600 indigenous plant species, but you can also see Istrian sheep, donkeys, fallow deer, chital deer and goats. They are all roaming freely around the island. There is a safari park on the island – a home to a variety of exotic animals such as zebu, Asian elephant, plains and mountain zebra.

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2. Rab

This beautiful island, with almost 10k inhabitants, is situated in the northern Croatian coast. On the island there are some famous places such as Lopar, Supetarska Draga, Kampor, Banjol, Rab Town. Rab is known for beautiful sandy beaches, mediaeval buildings, and many events organized for tourists during the summer season.


Photo by: Tess 

3. Pag

It is an island reserved for all party animals. During the summer season this island is full of young people attending different festivals. Pag is situated in northern Adriatic and it’s known as one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic Sea, with over 2.5k hours of sunshine per year. The main two towns on the island are Pag and Novalja which is full of young people from all over the world who come here to party!

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Photo by: Zoran Konestabo

4. Brač

Brač is the largest island in Dalmatia and it’s only one hour away from Split. Bol Beach is the most known beach in Croatia and it’s situated right on Brač island. Bol Beach is known for its shape which changed for the first time ever, during the winter season due to wind. The larges towns on Brač are Supetar and Pučišća which are full of tourists during the summer season.

 Photo by: Nick Savchenko 

5. Hvar island

Hvar is a part of central Dalmatian archipelago and it has many known places such as Stari Grad, Hvar Town, Jelsa, Vrbovska... This island is well known for tourism and cultivation of rosemary and lavender. Untouched nature, beautiful clear sea, kind people, the smell of a lavender... All this in one place – island of Hvar!

 Photo by: Mario Fajt

6. Lastovo

Lastovo island is situated on the southern coast of Adriatic sea. This island is famous for its carnival in which all the island residents participate by wearing beautiful folk costumes. From Lastovo island you can easily go to Split, Dubrovnik or any other city that you want to visit in Dalmatia.

Photo by: Yacht rent

7. Dugi otok

Dugi Otok means Long Island and it has length of about 45 km. The south-eastern part of the island is a Natural Park Telaščica, which is definitely worth visiting especially if you love spending your time in untouched nature. There are 12 different places on the island where people live. You can also discover some amazing hidden places and spend your holidays on not so crowded beaches. 

 Photo by: Greta Cresini

8. Unije

Unije is a tiny island located in the Kvarner Gulf, just in front of Lošinj island. It is a beautiful island with small number of inhabitants; there’s only one village also called Unije! The main tourist activities are hiking and swimming in clear blue sea. Near the port there’s a long, amazing sandy beach, but on the other side you can see stone beaches if you are not familiar with sand. Warm local people will host you nicely and during your stay on the island, you will feel like you’re a local.

Photo by: Lovro Rumiha

9. Silba

Silba is a small island, about 8 km long with only one inhabited town. It has many  beautiful beaches, and the most known is called Sotorišće. On the island there are many restaurants, bakeries, café bars... If you decide to visit Silba you will discover many hidden places and  hospitable people.

Photo by: Mihaela Miškić

10. Cres

Island of Cres is one of the northern islands in the Kvarner Gulf. It has about 3k inhabitants, the main and the biggest place is called Town of Cres. It has many small villages such as Lubenice, Martinšćica, Osor and so on. You can climb to the top of Lubenice and enjoy the view of Adriatic sea.

Photo by: Zolakoma


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