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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

The most depressing day of the year for the lonely ones is coming. St. Valentine’s Day is the time of year when every person without soulmate is feeling lonely because… Love is in the air. However, I will try to give a solution… A cure. How about a trip to the city of the broken relationships – Zagreb?

The Croatian capital has hosted an unusual museum – The Museum of the Broken Relationships. All the exhibits in that museum are donated by people which relationship ended up in a bad way. After the dramatic end, people have donated some small presents, gifts, a belongings to their ex boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands which used to have a sentimental value for them.

In that way from ruins and tears of somebody’s love was born an exhibition which grew into a museum. The founders of that innovative idea are Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić. They motivated the conception with a very matching quotation of Roland Barthes in A Lover's Discourse: "Every passion, ultimately, has its spectator... (there is) no amorous oblation without a final theater."

The exhibits are quite curious and in the same way romantic. For example, a box made of matches donated by a Slovakian woman after her separation with her husband after 18 years of marriage. The husband, Vlado, made the box of matches especially for her while he was in the army after their wedding. Interesting thing about this couple is that the husband left his wife after 18 years of marriage because of another woman, however, they officially divorced 7 years later. Anyway, they keep celebrating their anniversary separated with their sons.

Box made of matches

Photo by:

Imagine how many stories this museum contains. So, if you feel like visiting it and donating… Maybe this would cure your broken heart. If not, the trip to Zagreb will help definitely because the Croatian capital has its unique charm, an amazing combination of history place, architecture and a spirit. 

Speaking of dead relationships and their cemetery, why don’t you visit Zagreb cemetery Mirogoj? Do not think that this cemetery is spooky and that after visiting it you will have nightmares. No, in fact the cemetery is counted among the top 10 cemeteries in Europe. Moreover, its architecture reminds us of a Neo-Renaissance castle with its vine covered walls, arcades and chapels, ornate structures and greenery spread around 7 acres of its space.  

 Mirogoj Cemetery

 Photo by:

I have started in a little bit strange tone, so I have no other choice than to continue this way. Did you know that the city is full of reptiles and medieval statues of snakes and dragons abound? That is why is famous as the city of dragons. Furthermore, there are special city spooky tours around Zagreb's medieval mountain fortress, Medvedgrad and other scary places of the city.

St. George killing the dragon in Zagreb

Photo by: Experinece Zagreb

However, Zagreb can be a great place for chilling and shopping – another way to forget the ex. The Lower Town host shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, places where you can relax after a long walk among the history of the town. A good place where you can feel the spirit of the city and chill is Tkalča – a street full of bars, and places to eat and have fun. This street is the place to grab a bite from different meals of Croatian cuisine.

I strongly recommend one meal – Zagreb steak. It is known as the Croatian version of Weiner Schnitzel. The dish is made with layers of meat which are rolled up to make a drum - like meat roll that is filled with cheese and then deep-fried. Combined with a nice beer, this dish will cure your heart. 

Zagreb steak

Photo by: Zagrebački pansion


I have started this article with the idea to help you to escape from the depression choosing a wonderful trip destination – Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Hopefully it would help, if not, the worst thing that could happen is to spend an amazing time in this special city of broken relationships, beautiful cemetery, dragons, and perfect Zagreb steak.


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