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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

50 shades of blue -  that way I would describe the Blue Cave (Modra špilja) in Croatia. It is one of the most amazing natural wonders in the Adriatic sea and Europe.  Located at the island Biševo in Croatia, in the middle of the Dalmatian archipelago, five kilometers southwest of the Island of Vis. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations for the people keen in diving and active holidays. And it’s famous all over the world for its extraordinary magical blue aura!

Main article photo by: Yacht rent 

When the miracle appears

Like the most extraordinary things, the special light and fifty shades of blue cannot be seen in every hour of the day. There is a magical moment of day, between noon and 1p.m., when the cave shows its hidden beauty. The sunlight which comes from the roof of the cave reflects on the white floor of the cave and as a result “The water transforms into a glorious, awe-inspiring aquamarine color”. This color bathes the walls of the cave in a beautiful aquamarine light, transparent blue, which takes you to another world.  

So, if you want to see the cave, make sure that you will get there around noon in a sunny day… Then and only then the magic happens and the cave shows its fifty shades of blue.

The Blue Cave

Photo by: Yacht Rent

The story  

The secret of the cave was not revealed till 1880. Then the explorer, painter and adventurer Baron Eugen von Ransonnet, during his diving expedition found it. However, by then the natural entrance of the cave was below the sea level. That is way this natural beauty was hidden for so many centuries. Only the Croatian fishermen from the nearby islands knew this secret place – there was an artificial opening which was probably created by them in order to provide access to the cave. Later on, in 1884, thanks to a blasting off, was created a bigger entrance of about 2.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. Let me help you to figure it out how “big” is that: 1-foot-high by less than 2 wide. Anyway, thanks to it nowadays everybody can see this natural phenomenon.

Entrance to Blue Cave

Photo by: Yacht Rent

How to get there?

Like the most special places - it is not that easy to get there. However the logistic, this is part of the adventure. In order to get there you need to organize your three-step trip. First: from the Croatian city Split take a ferry to the island Vis. The following point is the tiny, tiny fishing town Komiža.  You can get there by bus or motorbike - depends how extreme you feel like. As soon as you reach Komiža, you have to hire a boat to the island Biševo. Finally, the dreamy cave is about an hour by boat. An advice – use all possible different means of transport that would make your trip unforgettable.  

However, if that three-step is too complicated for you, you can always use the services of local tourist companies which transport you directly to the island.

Island Biševo

Photo by: Stjepan Tafra 

What else can you visit in the island Biševo?  

After all this long trip to the island and visiting the amazing cave, it is definitely worth it to make a small walk through the island Biševo. In fact it won’t take that long time - this small portion of land is only 5 square miles (5.8 km2) big. However, there is a lot of things to be seen.

This small piece of land, in the middle of the sea, hides a lot of natural beauties and riches. The north part of the island is covered by pine forest and there is a fertile field on which are grown grape vines. Furthermore, the cost belt is rich of fish, so it is a popular area for the local fishermen. It sounds like a fairy island where you can find some treasure of pirates.  Finally, like the every magical place, the island Biševo has its ruins - Benedictine monastery. The monastery was founded in 1050, but was abandoned few centuries later because of the danger of pirates.   

Have I convinced you to visit the Blue Cave? Maybe not me, but the fact that Croatia has 4.058 km island cost line, 1246 islands, many caves but only one whose walls, in lunch time, reflect aquamarine color. Worthy to see it, right?

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