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We will make you wanna explore Croatia


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Croatia has 1246 islands along the Adriatic coast. Some of them are inhabited and some of them are not. Some of them are national parks, others are famous for beautiful sandy beaches and some for parties such as island of Pag!

Brač - it’s 396 km2 make it the third largest island in the Adriatic sea. It is a famous tourist destination, known for its divine beaches, delicious food, and the whitest stone in the world. In it are settled down more than 20 villages –  with eight municipalities Supetar, Sutivan, Postira, Nerežišća, Pučišća, Selca, Milna i Bol. All of them are united in one municipality. However, each of them has something unique that can attract your attention and make your vacation unforgettable.

More and more people around the world are choosing to learn Croatian as a foreign language. The reasons are many and varied: some need it for business, others are visiting the country as tourists or want to find out about their Croatian roots and there are also instances of families wishing to relocate to Croatia. By learning the language, they are making it much easier for themselves when they first arrive and smoothing their path to fit into the life and culture of the country.

Croatia is known for its beautiful landscape, clear blue Adriatic sea and its coast with over 1000 islands. But also, there’s another thing that Croatia is known for - festivals. There are many festivals in Croatia and everyone can find one for himself. If you are a party animal, here’s the lucky number seven list of the most known festivals in Croatia. Hope to see you this summer on one of them!

Croatia is country of 1000 islands but as well wildlife diversity is not missing. There are much more animal species than in this blog, but if we wanted to list them all, it would last forever. If you have some proposals, feel free to comment below this article.

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