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We will make you wanna explore Croatia


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If we were to imagine an alternate world where Croatia doesn’t exist, certainly we would see some changes. For example, the White House probably wouldn’t look the way it does now. Suits would be worn without ties, and Cruella de Vil should have to attack a group of small German Sheperds or maybe Yorkshire Terriers instead of well known dog breed with its famous black spots. 

Being a European citizen has always had, and will have its advantages. However, I think that the biggest one remains the food. The old continent has always been a special place. With its centuries-long history has always been a place where many different cultures have met and exchanged habits and traditions. And insanely delicious dishes! It is not surprising that European cuisine has established itself as a world-famous and loved. 

50 shades of blue -  that way I would describe the Blue Cave (Modra špilja) in Croatia. It is one of the most amazing natural wonders in the Adriatic sea and Europe.  Located at the island Biševo in Croatia, in the middle of the Dalmatian archipelago, five kilometers southwest of the Island of Vis. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations for the people keen in diving and active holidays. And it’s famous all over the world for its extraordinary magical blue aura!

Pula… Have you ever heard about it? It was my little discovery of the day. I was sitting bored in front of the work computer, taking a short break from the everyday work and task, dreaming about the summer vacation, checking secretly my facebook (I hope that my boss won’t find out this article). And then “Buum” - a friend of mine had just shared an album from his last vacation… Amazing!  At this moment a huge wave of jealousy swept my heart. I need to go there. I booked the ticket and went. And I have never regretted.  Have a look what did I discover in Croatian breathtaking city.    

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