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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Dear travellers let me introduce you something more extreme – rafting and kayaks. Apart from the islands and the sea coast, Croatia may attract you with its possibilities for extreme sports activities. So, this time let’s skip beaches and go to river Zrmanja!

Dear travelers, we have been talking about many breathtaking destinations in Croatia, however, today I have prepared for you something spicier. This article is specially devoted to the people keen in cocktails and summer parties on beaches.

So, to all party animals… Let me present you Pag - the ultimate party spot in Europe! Thanks to its never-ending beach parties and many open-air clubs, it is called the “Croatian Ibiza”. Moreover, it is the perfect combination of modern accommodation, landscape and (if you have enough sleep and time) places to visit.

Every country has its unique habits and traditions which distinct it from the rest of the world. However, talking about Croatia we can not skip the bellmen, bell ringers - “Zvončari” – men dressed up as fairytale terrifying creatures who scare the evil spirits.

Croatia is a perfect holiday destination during summer, but who says you can’t enjoy Croatia during winter too? Many parts of Croatia are snowy and very cold these days, so many Croats and foreign people decided to spend their winter holidays in Croatia. The most popular destination is Gorski kotar. What makes it so special?

Winter and nature are creating some really cool patterns these days... Literally cool since it's freezing cold in Croatia. Take a look at our frozen gallery!


While visiting Zagreb, you could skip boring museums, churches and galleries and do some non-regular things. One of them is visiting Museum of Illusions. The museum is located in Ilica 72, the main street in Zagreb, just 5 minutes walking distance from Ban Jelačić Square.

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