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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Dear travellers, the European tourists have chosen their top destination for 2016.  And the winner is… Paris? Prague? Rome? Vienna? No, maybe next year. Among 20 selected destinations the prestigious title of Best European Destination 2016 was grabbed by the Croatian city – ZADAR

Congratulations to all Croatian people! Zadar took the first place and was followed by Athens (Greece), and Plovdiv (Bulgaria).  However, let’s check out what is so special about that city.

Croatia is a really interesting country, it is a rare combination of many diverse natural habitats that is almost impossible to exist on such a small area. But despite this great impossibility of existence of something similar, it does exist, as if the gods themselves have created and donated it to humanity! Since I am a biologist by profession, I couldn't resist my desire to write something about the natural aspect of my country. And what can be more fun than animals?

Croatia – deep blue seascapes, crystal-clear turquoise sea, dramatic views of mountains and fairy castles… This is in a short a description of the beauty which could be found in this country. Moreover, as a result of its geographical position, Croatian culture is an amazing blend of many cultural spheres. It’s among the oldest countries in Europe and has a rich history and a lot of must - see historical places. Maybe these are some of the reasons it’s getting a really popular tourist destination. 

If we were to imagine an alternate world where Croatia doesn’t exist, certainly we would see some changes. For example, the White House probably wouldn’t look the way it does now. Suits would be worn without ties, and Cruella de Vil should have to attack a group of small German Sheperds or maybe Yorkshire Terriers instead of well known dog breed with its famous black spots. 

Being a European citizen has always had, and will have its advantages. However, I think that the biggest one remains the food. The old continent has always been a special place. With its centuries-long history has always been a place where many different cultures have met and exchanged habits and traditions. And insanely delicious dishes! It is not surprising that European cuisine has established itself as a world-famous and loved. 

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