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We will make you wanna explore Croatia


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Croatia is known for its beautiful landscape, clear blue Adriatic sea and its coast with over 1000 islands. But also, there’s another thing that Croatia is known for - festivals. There are many festivals in Croatia and everyone can find one for himself. If you are a party animal, here’s the lucky number seven list of the most known festivals in Croatia. Hope to see you this summer on one of them!

Croatia is country of 1000 islands but as well wildlife diversity is not missing. There are much more animal species than in this blog, but if we wanted to list them all, it would last forever. If you have some proposals, feel free to comment below this article.

The sky in Croatia offers so many beauties, stunning sunrises and sunsets, fairytale clouds, glittering stars, it is a home for countless species of birds and a sleepy moon. But there is something magical in stormy sky over Croatia. Follow me in my adventure through it!

How does it sound to you an island with yellow sanded beaches, I am not mistaken the sand of the island has yellow color, and… Kites.  Strange, right? That is why it is best destination for your summer vacation. So, dear travelers with a taste for a different and better trips, the name of it is Susak!  

I have always liked to travel, travelling is something that allows you to broaden your horizons and expand your mind. I enjoy learning about new cultures, seeing new places and doing things that take me out of my comfort zone. At the age of 22 I am lucky enough to have visited and travelled around many places. I have met many people and lived with many different nationalities but I have always had a special draw to the people of Eastern Europe and through this I have grown an ambition to travel around those countries and see more for myself, none more that Croatia!

Travelling across Hrvatsko zagorje and not visiting its castles, fortresses, churches... It is almost impossible because Hrvatsko zagorje has an extremely rich cultural - historical heritage. Given the fact that I love history, historical events, buildings, legends, stories, and I also love to travel and document seen with camera – I have merged myself with pleasure and that’s how my "Castles of Hrvatsko zagorje" were created!

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