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Palud is a cove located in the Istria county, in Croatia. It welcomes into its midst more than 200 birds species. The place contains brackish water, that is to say, freshwater mixed with seawater, allowing this place to welcome a wide range of fish species.

Main photo: Lori Ana

Photo by: Lori Ana

The bay is located 8 km away from Rovinj. It is the only one ornithological park in Istria.
Thanks to its proximity to the sea and to the hills this area was turned into a swamp, welcoming new species, including mosquitos. To avoid them, as they could lead to a malaria epidemic, a 200-meter-long canal was dug in 1906, connecting the canal to the see.
This connection led to a presence of brackish water, which is what explains the huge diversity of species in this area.

Photo by: Lori Ana

Its species are what makes it special and what appeal so many visitors each year. The species that can be easily seen in the reserve are wild ducks, woodpeckers, pheasants, partridges, quails, warbler, grebes, coots, shrikes, orbioles and so on. You can also see rarer species as well, the better way to do so is to come during Spring or Autumn, when there are fewer tourists and to come early or late as birds are more likely to show themselves at those time. There are not only birds, there are turtles, fishes, snakes, frogs and so on. What a diversity!

Photo by: Lori Ana

In this reserve you can find a viewing point in order to observe birds and how they live, the way they eat, they reproduce, they nest, they rest, they socialise…. Whether you are a birds enthusiast or a curious tourist, the visit should be very entertaining and interesting.

Photo by: Emili Becirevic

Of course, as this is a protected and precious area, always remember to respect the site and the species, this is very important for this area to remain beautiful and full of life. Don't run, don't speak loud, don't let trash after your visit... Those are obvious things, but it is always useful to remind people about them. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to see birds if you act calm and respectful.

Photo by: Lori Ana

The entrance is free, but if you want to visit the reserve with a guide (a true birds specialist), you’ll have to pay between 25kn to 50kn according to the age. If you do so, don’t forget to book your visit.

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Photo by: Lori Ana


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