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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Dear travelers, we have been talking about many breathtaking destinations in Croatia, however, today I have prepared for you something spicier. This article is specially devoted to the people keen in cocktails and summer parties on beaches.

So, to all party animals… Let me present you Pag - the ultimate party spot in Europe! Thanks to its never-ending beach parties and many open-air clubs, it is called the “Croatian Ibiza”. Moreover, it is the perfect combination of modern accommodation, landscape and (if you have enough sleep and time) places to visit.

Getting to Pag

If I convinced you to check out this summer destination – here you are some tips how to get there. Fortunately, it is easy to reach Pag. There are plenty of low-cost flights from all over Europe, the only thing you have to do is to travel to the island by bus from the nearby major towns of Rijeka or Zadar.

Island Pag Croatia Ferry

Ferry to Pag

You can make the transfer by ferries, however, I would recommend you to take the bus. There is an amazing view which spreads in front of your sight when you cross the Pag bridge.

Island Pag Bridge Croatia

Pag Bridge

Imagine, the mainland of Croatia on the other side is the rocky coast of Pag divided by the bluish waters of Adriatic sea and the connection is a bridge which soars over the sea waters.

Island Pag Croatia Road

Road and moon rocks

There is a regular daily public bus service, so it is not necessary to book tickets in advance. The closer city is Zadar and the trip lasts for about an hour.

Alternative routes through which you can reach this amazing island are Split and the capital Zagreb. Again the easiest way is by bus.

Party is in the air!


When it comes to the party, the hottest part of the island is famous Zrće Beach in Novalja. It is located in the north of the island and hosts the majority of clubs. Most of them give you the opportunity to enjoy huge open-air dance floor, a variety of areas and levels and lots of different bars, pools. As a result, the visitor can just party around sipping delicious cocktails.

Hideout Festival

Photo by: Hideout Festival 

Apart of that, the clubs in that area have plenty of different line-up events and many famous DJs have been guest stars. They take place during the whole summer season from June till the very end of August, so you have plenty of options to plan your vacation. Among the most popular are the Hideout, Sonus, Barrakud, Fresh Island Festival, Stereo Forest Festival, Croatia Rocks, Love International. All this variety gives you the unique chance to choose your type of music and your party – delectable disco, electronic oddities, house and party classics in the club, next to the beach, on a boat, in and out of the… In short – party is in the air! I start feeling sorry there are still so many months until the summer season…

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In case you want to take a break

As already mentioned, Pag offers you a huge variety of touristic attractions. So, in case you want to take a break from everyday parties, you may visit the local sightseeing. There is Gradski Muzej (The city museum) located in Novalja where you can see archaeological finds of a local region. Apart from the museum, there are two main churches - Church of Mary of the Rosary (17th century) and the Church of St Catherine (19th century).

However, the majority of them are located in a town of Pag. Before it became a party destination, Pag used to be a centre of salt production in this area.  It is also famous for the lace making. There is a museum which shows the best examples of this unique craft.

Pag City Croatia

Remains in the Old city, though, may present you the glory history of the town. The Benedictine Monastery stays among the most intriguing sightseeings. In present days, it is still home to  Benedictine nuns. They have been an important part of education and charity work on the island.

That was just a scratch in a long history of the island, actually, I have started the article with the idea to present you the party island. But I took a different direction because it was difficult to stop myself from presenting you many layers of possible joy you may find out in this amazing tourist destination. The rest depends on you – party, do the sightseeing or go to the beach and enjoy the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic sea. My advice - multiply yourself and do everything…

From the Stone age till the Party age, this island keeps being a special place – a true gem of Croatia.


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