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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Dear travelers, have you ever felt the symptoms of one very serious and dangerous sickness named – boredom? The boredom of a person who visited many ultimate destinations and it is a bit difficult to be surprised or to find a place with something new?

So, I have found a solution for our problem – the place is Lošinj, the country is Croatia. It is the ultimate recreation gem among the European top resorts. Moreover, the city of Mali Lošinj has received the prestigious award Silver Flower of Europe – international competition in flowers, vegetation and landscaping. A prize is given only to the best one.

Lošinj Croatia

Photo by: Mario Bonić

A few years ago the city was spotted under the lights of the annual competition “Entente Florale Europe”. International Commission for the Golden Flower of Europe, composed of 12 member countries, spent two days in Mali Lošinj during June, which was the only town outside the EU that was high on the list of this competition. The event was taken in Cardiff, however, the most important thing is that the pearl of North Adriatic sea blew away other 5700 competitors. Thanks to its beauty, arrangement and quality of life, Lošinj was placed among the best tourist destinations.

So, let’s take a look. Why is it so special?

Lošinj is located in the Lošinj Archipelago where waves of Istria, Kvarner, and Dalmatia intertwine. The local people love to say God had given a lot to this small paradise. Mali Lošinj has taken many features – preserved nature, perfect mild climate, history, flavors, and scents of Croatia. Again according to them the view of the night sky looks like nowhere else and you can breathe with your full lungs.

Mali Lošinj Croatia

Photo by: Vlado Mandić

A beauty that heals

There are plenty of beautiful places, however, the feature which stands it out from the rest is the unique healing climate. The microclimate of the Lošinj Archipelago affects in extremely positive way visitor’s health and this is the reason why the place offers a year-round recreation. The healing properties of Mediterranean climate (more than 2,500 sunny hours per year) attract hundred thousands of tourists per year. Apart of this, on the lands of Lošinj Archipelago grow more than 1,200 various plant species. People keen on botanicals and natural reserves may be interested to visit the island of Unije. There are 17 kilometers where can be seen more than 600 plants. The local government has created over 250 kilometers of walking trails for visitors willing to face the beauty of the area. There are more options for many other physical activities, such as jogging or biking, you will be able to enjoy fragrant walking trails, beautiful landscapes, view spots and coves. The best of all is that you can find out many places to stay or taste delicious local cuisine. However, keep in mind that the best way to fill your lungs with healing morning air is to walk with the first rays of the sun. It is believed that the view and fresh air coming from pinewoods would recreate both your body and spirit.

Veli Lošinj

Photo by: Mario Bonić

The Dolphins

Apart from the plant species the area has another one attraction, I would say my favorite one - the bottlenose dolphin. They have curved mouths which give the appearance of a friendly, permanent smile. Most of you know them as the intelligent and charismatic stars of many aquarium shows. However, visiting Lošinj you can see them in their natural environment. Where? There is the famous Dolphin way. It crosses the south part of Lošinj and connects eastern and western coast. Visiting this part of the island, guests may see a playful group of dolphins. Local claim that there is a colony of them - about 180 animals.

Dolphin Croatia


In order to satisfy all needs of the island visitors, people of Lošinj organize numbers of annual traditional events. One of the most spectacular is Lošinj Optimist Regatta. It takes place in Mali Lošinj in Čikat bay for Optimist classes, it gathers a large number of small yachtsmen. For real is impressive to see the small yachts crossing the sea.
December is time for fishing. During 2 days the island holds the Year’s Cup in spear-fishing. This sport is one of the favorite ones among the local people and while the rest of the Europe is amused by winter snow sports, here you can find an alternative. The competition was organized for the very first time in 1959 when local people decided to celebrate New Year in a bit untraditional way – doing spear-fishing competition. Also, did you know you can learn Croatian on Lošinj with the Croatian Language School?

Mali Lošinj Croatia

Photo by: K. Korlević

People who are not interested in this kind of sea adventures and competitions may find something tempting in the festival „Sailing around the World on Lošinj Sailboats“. The fest presents mostly the local sea food specialties and the culmination of this festival is the last day. Then all of the meals are presented at the city center and a jury chooses the most delicious one.

Veli Lošinj

Photo by: Vlado Mandć

So, clear sea air, mixed with freshness of pine trees, mild climate, giving you the opportunity to visit the island at any time of the year, natural diversity, amazing opportunities for biking, climbing, walking, events…What else do you need in order to book Lošinj as your next vacation?

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