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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Horses are beautiful and noble animals, my love for them, riding and spending time outdoors, in the nature, has started 12 years ago. I have visited many places across Croatia while riding in pleasant company. Surroundings of Velika Gorica and Zagorje are often parts of our adventures, but every summer we go to unforgettable Gorski kotar. More precisely - Mrkopalj.

Main photo by: Ivana Tilošanec

This is a place where my father comes from, his inexhaustible love and passion for riding and nature have been passed to me and I am very grateful for that. Mrkopalj is a mountainous region, surrounded by mountains Bjelolasica, Čelimbaša, Bitoraj, Maj, Bijele and Samarske Rocks. This little place is called the oasis of peace and untouched nature because people come here to take a break from everyday life in congested cities. Our arrival on horseback pleasantly surprised locals because there are no more horses in this area, although conditions for equestrian tourism are ideal.

Horse in Mrkopalj

Photo by: Stanley Photography

Mrkopalj offers many treats for lovers of activities in a natural environment: hiking, running, biking, cross country skiing, alpine skiing...  And for those who would like to feel something less demanding, there is great calming experience – you can admire wild animals like roe deers, hares, foxes, even bears! Anyone who has ever come to Mrkopalj fell in love with it and always comes back.

Mrkopalj also has its stars, successful biathletes Petar Starčević and Jakov Fak, there is Leona Popović in alpine skiing too.

Horse on the field

Photo by: Stanley Photography

Recently we had a real adventure in this region. Six of us, lovers of riding have visited Begovo Razdolje, Matić field and Tuk. These places are surrounded by rich forests and beautiful meadows, a paradise for our group! We’ve been hosted by cheerful locals with music and delicious local food. You have to taste sauerkraut from this region and famous blueberries strudel, these dishes will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. We really enjoyed and had fun in company of these friendly people.

Later on we have choosed a route which we have never passed: Sunger - Polane - Stari Laz. Here we’ve been caught in a terrible rainstorm, but a beautiful old ash gave us a shelter. The storm didn’t bother us, the greenness of these areas will fill your soul and fresh air will remain in your memory forever.

Horse and a dog

Photo by: Stanley Photography

It would be really nice to come here with horses during winter, simply because winters in Mrkopalj are magical! Horses could pull sleds or skis and offer to everyone a little bit of relaxed children's fun in a snow. The possibilities are endless, they just need to be recognized and then we can bravely start an adventure called  the best fun ever! Join us  this winter in beautiful region of Gorski Kotar and Mrkopalj!


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