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We will make you wanna explore Croatia


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Croatia is well known for her amazing and breathless sunsets, this blog will help you discover the best places to watch sunsets in Croatia! Feel free to enjoy and analyze each of them. 


1. We have started our journey with stunning sunset in Crikvenica.

Crikvenica Sunset

 Photo by: Kristijan Pernar

2. You can enjoy in the sea organ as well while you admire sunsets in Zadar!

 Photo by: Luka Papić Photography 

3. We bring you one of the most amazing sunsets over fertile fields in Slavonija.

Slavonija Sunset

 Photo by: Zoran Rudec

4. The sky has always warm colours in Rijeka.Rijeka Sunset

Photo by: Irena Trkulja

5. You need to see the sunset in the most romantic city of Croatia - Rovinj

Rovinj Sunset

Photo by: Borna Ćuk

6. Even Romans enjoyed this sunset 2000 years ago in Pula

Pula Sunset

 Photo by: Sendi Smoljo Photo 

7.  Sunest will help you fall in love in Osijek.

Sunset Osijek

Photo by: Zoran Osijek

8. Sunset in Dubrovnik leaves us speachless.
Dubrovnik Sunset

Photo by: Vlado Mandić

9. What about a cup of coffee just next to Brijuni islands?

Fažana Sunset

Photo by: Nebojša Džombić

10. In Gorski kotar you can see some amazing sunsets as well!

Gorski kotar Sunset

Photo by: Đorđe Dokmanović

11. Colorful sunsets are something regular in Prvić Šepurine.

Prvic Sepurine Sunset

Photo by: Zvonimir Cuvalo 

12. Sometimes even dandelion could cover the sunset in Baranja.

Baranja Sunset

Photo by: Moniq Joh 

13. Wherever you go, the sunset will follow you (Hrvatska kostajnica).

Hrvatska Kostajnica Sunset

Photo by: Sandra Tralić

14. If you visit Kupari, don't skip the sunset!

Kupari Sunset

Photo by:Milan Tomičić

15. The capital of Croatia can show you a fairytail sunset.

Zagreb Sunset

Photo by: Ivica Jakovljević

16. Summmer sunsets over Brač are something worth seeing.

Brač Sunset

17. Bloody sunset in Šibenik is must-see thing!

Šibenik Sunset

18. We want to finish this blog with the most powerful sunset in the world - Zadar, of course!Zadar Sunset

Did you find something for yourself? Contact us for more information or any other help!


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