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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

How does it sound to you an island with yellow sanded beaches, I am not mistaken the sand of the island has yellow color, and… Kites.  Strange, right? That is why it is best destination for your summer vacation. So, dear travelers with a taste for a different and better trips, the name of it is Susak!  

Main article photo by: Dubravka Kričkić

This Croatian island is situated in the north part of the Adriatic sea. It is so small and magical, you would think that it comes out from the fairytales and few are those who are dedicated to its secret location. Except the yellow sand, Susak is known as the island of kite flyers. Every year there is a festival (Air Art Festival) which attracts people keen in alternative sport tourism

 Photo by: Edin Jusufagić

However, the thing which made me google it was the name - SUSAK.  In fact it comes from Greek and it means oregano – the spice which grows everywhere in the island. Another interesting fact which has impressed me is that most of the locals immigrated as a result of which the island has remained almost depopulated. Nowadays out of the touristic season there lives around 200 local people. However, thanks to the tourism in the peak summer time the place is more vivid than ever. 

So, l summed up everything: a) almost desert island, with yellow sand beaches, and b) smell of oregano. How amazing is that? How not to tempt and visit it? And I did it. Let me try to describe you in a short how I saw Susak.

Photo by: Filippo Diotalevi

First of all, but not the most important – it is tiny. In order to imagine how small Susak is, I will use some numbers  -  about 3 km (2 mi) long and 1.5 km (0.9 mi) wide (1.9 by 0.9 mi), and covers an area of approximately 3.8 square kilometers (1.5 sq mi).  This is its length – you would cross it by bicycle approximately for 20 minutes.  Even though the small size, the island manages to nest a village.

Second of all, visiting Susak do not expect luxury hotels, noisy clubs, roads for cars or crowds of tourists. However, I have discovered miles of dusty paths running across sand cascades. They connect all the beaches and coves in the island.  This is why one of the main tourist activities which I have found was the guided walking trials. According to the size of the island they are not that difficult, so they are quite appropriate for everybody. I would strongly recommend you to visit the Lighthouse of Susak. In order to get there you have to climb on the highest point of the island called Garba, an ex- military observation post. The effort is totally worth it – you will see the unique jungle-covered landscape and grassy terraces of the island.

Photo by: Groundtorpedo

When it comes to a summer vacation – it’s all about the beaches. So, I will try to give you a few tips about that. The most important you need to know is that the island is divided in two parts - a north east shielded side which is facing Mali Lošinj and the south west which faces the coast of Italy. Both of them have great conditions for sunbathing and swimming. Furthermore, Susak is a small paradise for divers. The south-west side of the island has an amazing sea  bottom – deep,  full of cracks, holes and even underwater tunnels  - only one scubadiver would understand what it means. I would advice you to ask for Potarnak cove.

Photo by: Dubravka Kričkić

Finally, I don’t want to bore you with my stories and tips in the way of “what to see and do in Susak”.  You should discover and enjoy by yourself – this is the sweetest thing of traveling. Enough tips!

I just want to tell you how I felt this island. I felt it – colorful. Yes indeed, Susak  has many colors that would satisfy all of your senses - literally and figuratively. Why?  When I arrived the first thing which spread in front of me was the port with white fishermen boats and yachts.  The crystal blue water and the yellow sand were contrasting  in a magical way with the green inner part of the island. As a result, my first taught was - it looks likes it comes out from a movie.  Later I have found these colors in traditional dresses of local girls. This is the way I keep it in my mind – preserved forever. When you visited and gain more impression, please tell me how did you feel it. 

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