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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

I have always liked to travel, travelling is something that allows you to broaden your horizons and expand your mind. I enjoy learning about new cultures, seeing new places and doing things that take me out of my comfort zone. At the age of 22 I am lucky enough to have visited and travelled around many places. I have met many people and lived with many different nationalities but I have always had a special draw to the people of Eastern Europe and through this I have grown an ambition to travel around those countries and see more for myself, none more that Croatia!

Main article photo by: Sendi Smoljo Photography


I was lucky enough to live with one Croatian guy when I lived in Spain for a year. Maybe things in life happen for some reason and not by coincidence! This was my first encounter with someone from Croatia and I thought I would never get along with him. I believed that our backgrounds were so different and our values so apart that we would not be able to be friends or even share the same views, however I was wrong. This guy could repair broken window, cook a wonderful meal, play all sports like he was born for it, he could stay strong in a terrible situation, smile from the bottom of his heart and cry like a baby when he needs it.

Woman Offers Makarana Cake

Photo by: Zvonimir Čuvalo

Hanging out with him brought me in opportunity to meet two more Croatians whilst in Spain. My views have completely changed and in fact the people I am still closest with from my time away are in fact these people. They have a magnificent work ethic, they are funny, loyal and very kind. Although we do come from very different backgrounds, we share very similar values and were able to teach each other lots and learn from each other how to grow as a person.

Croatian Fisherman

Photo by: Anica Bobovčan


Many of the conversations I had with my main Croatian friend was about the beauty of the country, he described many things to me that made me excited about visiting Croatia, white flowing waterfalls, luscious green forests and white sandy beaches. Most importantly he made me feel like I would be welcome in Croatia and this is important for anyone stepping into a new country or place.

Old Lady in Zagreb

Photo by: Zvonimir Čuvalo

Suddenly it all came clear - the Essence of Croatia are its people! Come and join me exploring Croatia, that is going to be my next holiday destination!

A Man Works in a Field

Photo by: Zoran Rudec


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